Auckland Institute of Studies is First Rate

24th February 2015

Auckland Institute of Studies has been ranked as a Category 1 provider by NZQA.

Achievement of Category 1 status comes during a period of steady growth in international student numbers at AIS, which with approximately 1000 students is one of the largest private education institutions providing both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in New Zealand.

Category 1 is the highest rank achievable in the External Evaluation and Review (EER) process, and is acknowledgement from NZQA of the excellent standards at AIS, and places the institute amongst the best quality education providers in New Zealand.

AIS President Dr Richard Goodall says that achieving Category 1 reflects the result of a sustained effort across the organisation.

“AIS focusses on self-assessment as part of its daily operations and we are continually striving to improve the quality of our programmes, student services and relationships with key stakeholders.  Export education is now the fifth largest export industry in New Zealand and is becoming highly competitive - so we are delighted to receive this endorsement from NZQA. Our staff are thrilled with this result and morale has never been higher.”

NZQA carried out an External Evaluation and Review at AIS in November 2014.  The EER is conducted on all non-university tertiary education organisations in order to provide quality assurance to all stakeholders and to guarantee improving standards across the tertiary education sector as a whole.

The AIS EER consisted of a multi-day visit by an external evaluation team, which assessed the extent to which AIS delivers quality and value to learners and the community, and evaluated how AIS uses self-assessment to understand performance and bring about continual improvement. AIS was rated “Highly Confident in Educational Performance” and “Confident in Capability in Self-Assessment.”

The institute has two campuses in the Mt Albert - Western Springs area and celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year.