Approved Teaching Centres

Approved Teaching Centres offering VA-1: CTH Level 2 Award in VA Fares and Ticketing

Highlands College

Posted on 21st June 2019

Highlands College The mission of Highlands College is to meet the further and higher education needs of the people of Jersey and our working aim... View More

iCALC Training Academy

Posted on 1st August 2019

iCalc Training Academy is a fully accredited TVET College in South Africa. It operates in the Lejweleputswa District Municipality. Our College takes pride in its... View More

Macmaine School of Computing

Posted on 27th February 2014

Macmaine School of Computing was founded in 1993 as a professional college dedicated to the development of human resources in Zimbabwe.

National Hospitality Institute SAOC

Posted on 28th July 2020

About us NHI – the National Hospitality Institute – is the leading provider of quality vocational training for the Hospitality, Catering and Travel Industries in... View More

SAAAC Prestige College Campus

Posted on 9th November 2017

SAAAC Prestige College Campus Vision: - To develop our educational facilities into places of constructive learning, making them recognizable through branding and quality product offering.... View More