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Why choose Everyone's Institute of Higher Education?

Everyone’s Learning Center- The Founder
In 2001, Ms Mariyam Shadiya founded Everyone’s Learning Center (ELC) with the vision of teaching spoken English to adults. Innovative and unique methods and techniques combined with sincerity, dedication and hard work made ELC the pioneer in using creative methods to teach English to several adults who had never had the chance to study English. The classes that she started with one student has reached out to thousands of students over the years. Today kids and adults study and progress at ELC. Under the guidance and vision of Ms Mariyam Shadiya and her team, true to its name ELC continues its work in creating awareness and opportunities for education for ‘everyone’ in the society

Everyone’s Learning Center- The Team
Behind the success story of ELC is a dedicated, hardworking and qualified managerial team who believe in the value and importance of education and give strong commitment to make it a successful endeavor for ELC and the students.

Certificate Awarding Ceremony
Certificate Awarding ceremonies at ELC are important days. For the students, their families, teachers and all of us at ELC. Our annual certificate awarding ceremonies are colorful events honored by many special guests and many prominent people in the society. The most beautiful moments of these ceremonies are the moments during which we announce the students’ successes and achievements during the year. Of recent ‘the student of the year award’, ‘parents of the year award’ and ‘teachers of the year award’ have added togetherness and Inspiration to these ceremonies. Hundreds of students and their parents attend these ceremonies to uphold and mark the importance of education.

Everyone’s Book Fair
Through our work as teachers we soon recognized the urgent need for reading material for children. Lack of reading. To a great extent affected the skills of our English Language learners of all ages. Hence in 2oo4 ELC organized Everyone’s Book Fair with the hope of offering a variety of reading material at affordable prices for kids. In 2006 Everyone’s Book fair was held in Addu City. Books were also donated to public libraries and schools in Male’ and in Addu through Everyone’s Book Fairs.

Everyone’s Association
Everyone’s Association was established in 2005 to develop and maintain unity and friendship among the students, parents, teachers, staff of ELC whilst promoting social awareness and development of the community through educational, sports and health related activities and events. The association has 800 registered members

Everyone’s Learning Center in Addu City
ELC’S First Branch out side the Capital City was established in 2011,in Addu City. This foundation has opened up many new avenues in Educational Development of both children and Adults in the City. This investment by ELC towards a campus at Adducity with 2 classrooms, a computer lab and an administrative office now reaches out to 158 students as of June 2011. This 3rd branch of ELC will celebrate its first anniversary on the 1st of July 2012. Thirteen girls and 13 boys study for free at ELC in Addu under a scholarship granted by the US State Department. Since ELC’s establishment in Addu City in July 2011 ,13 participants of the Cambridge Key English Tests ,89 participants of the International Assessment for Schools by EAA of University of New South Wales in Australia and 13 participants of the Practical ICT skills level 1 by EDI of London Chamber of Commerce and Industries have already celebrated their successes in these first ever exams of its kind conducted in Addu City. In 2006 at the opening ceremony of Everyone’s Book Fair first time in Addu City Ms Mariyam Shadiya, the founder of ELC expressed her hopes to bring ELC to the students of Addu City. Even though a lot of work still remain to be done today we move forward in Adducity with renewed hopes of spreading the joy of education there too.

Everyone’s Learning Center and the Society
Building a generation-Today ELC’s focus is on building a generation of intelligent, scholarly individuals who excel in the English Language and achieve the highest marks in international exams. ELC provides students with the platform to participate and excel at an international level so that the students go out into the society and the world as capable, learned individuals. Every year hundreds of students of ELC take part in many international examinations. We prepare our students to face the challenges of the real world and equip them with the skill and knowledge to succeed in life. ELC’s students have achieved remarkable grades and A stars in O’LevelEnglish at very tender ages of as early as 10 years. Our students have competed with several thousands of students from countries in the region and have scored the highest in English and won the University of New South Wales, Australia’s Gold medal. Everyone’s Learning Center has the distinction of being one of the 70 educational institutesin the region which has a UNSW Gold Medal Winner.

Junior English Tests and Senior English Tests from EDI of London Chamber of Commerce & Industries

Cambridge Young Learners English Tests

Cambridge Key English Test, Preliminary English Test, First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Certificate of Proficiency in English

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Cambridge O’Levels (English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Commerce, Economics)

Practical ICT Skills Level 1 from EDI of London Chamber of Commerce& Industries

International Assessment for Schools (IAS) from University of New South Wales, Australia


Ministry of Education, Rep. of Maldives, Registered Center

Department of Higher Education, Rep. of Maldives, Registered Center

University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Authorized Center

Trinity College London Registered Examination Center

Registered and Approved LCCI training Center

Registration and Examination Center for International Assessment for Schools (IAS) in Maldives.

English Access Micro Scholarship Partner in the Maldives(2010-2012) –an initiative of the United States State Department.

Everyone's Institute of Higher Education is approved to offer the following CTH programme(s):
  • Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Level 4 Diploma in Tourism Management