Hungary – Central-European Institution of English and American Studies (CEAS)

CTH Centre offering: Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 4 Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts, Level 4 Diploma in Tourism Management, Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management, Level 6 Professional Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Level 7 Executive Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Telephone : +36 12520470
Address : 3 Posá Lajos str. , Budapest , Hungary , 1149
Our english high-school and college courses aim at evoking a thirst for knowledge, practical approach, preparation for life and training ambitious professionals. These are the cornerstones of any educational institute. These are values, which the futures of our students are built upon and indeed that of our institute.

We began delivering courses in 1990, with the objective of helping students prepare for a changed business environment. At the onset of the 21th century, we experienced thirst for knowledge ourselves. We wanted to learn more about the British education system, to deliver them in a way, which not just mimics it, but is contextualised for our students. After a period of trial and error we settled for the practical approach. We needed to become an institute, which not just relays lexical knowledge, but adds perspective, teaches to think for yourself and how to shift perspective. Today this approach to professionalism is what makes us unique. From day one our courses are structured around a single purpose: to present students with relevant, practical, up-to-date and therefore most engaging learning materials.

We are constantly evolving as the world around us does, but we receive a lot of positive international feedback and that reinforces us to keep our course steady. Students between 14-30 years acknowledge our work as well. They gather here from all over the world, 11 countries, not just different cities in Hungary, thus in this sense our institute became a cultural melting pot.