European Institute for Research Support (EIRS)

CTH Centre offering: Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality Business, Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality

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Address : Mall 2, Entrance 4, Serag Mall, Attieh Al Sawalhi st. , Cairo , Egypt , 11762
About EIRS:

The Egyptian Cultural Center is an Egyptian scientific system that aims to disseminate the administrative, cultural and developmental sciences, prepared from the specialized training services in the business administration.

Along with self-development and keeping up with the requirements of the times.

From day one we’ll help you build the real-world knowledge and transferable skills that employers look for in graduate recruits. And by the time you graduate, you’ll feel confident and fully prepared to start your career anywhere in the world.

We encourage students to develop a wide range of employability skills including aspects of self-management, team working, Sales and Marketing Management, Advanced Management & Leadership, Leadership of The Future, International Business, Strategic Management, Corporate Communications, Project Management, Financial Management.

Students benefit from a stimulating study environment and interaction with instructors who are working at the frontiers of knowledge in their field. This all serves to encourage critical thinking and nurtures both self-reliance and teamwork.

While you’re here you’ll have the chance to pursue your interests or discover new ones.

There are no required qualifications to obtain of our courses except MBA & DBA you must have a bachelor degree.

We provide various Degrees and courses which help you to develop your career.

(MBA – DBA – Fast MBA – Supply Chain – IELTS – PMP – Digital Marketing – Business English)

The Egyptian Cultural Center provides distance learning opportunities for those who have not been helped by their geographical location to attend or travel. Wherever your place is, we will reach to you by our “online service” with our different programs.