Skills Builder Institute (SBI)

CTH Centre offering: Level 2 Certificate in the Sabre System, Level 3 Diploma in Inspirational Team Leadership, Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality, Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 4 Diploma in Tourism Management, VA-1: CTH Level 2 Certificate in VA Fares and Ticketing, VA-2: CTH Level 3 Certificate in VA Fares and Ticketing

Address : 3 Beverley Street , Athlone , Cape Town , South Africa , 7764

Tourism and Hospitality plays an important role throughout the world today. Even in South Africa, a career in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry is a dynamic and rewarding one.

The purpose of this Tourism and Hospitality Management course is to introduce students to both the tourism and hospitality industries. In the first part of the course the focus is on tourism, more specific, the preparation of a tour plan, identification of possible tourist destinations, bookings of flights and accommodation, flight regulations and software technology available in the industry.

In the second part of the course the focus is on hospitality.

Students learn of the different types of accommodation available, star grading system, the structure of different forms of accommodation, front office functions and supervision.

Modules available: Air Hosting,Tour Guide Courses, Travel Agents & Airline,Tourism & Hospitality Management!