CTH Connections Newsletter – Autumn 2018

26th October 2018

Our latest film, CTH Spotlight 2 is here!


Following the success of the first film featuring the The Ritz Hotel, London, we're bringing you CTH Spotlight 2 - Adam Byatt - Chef Entrepreneur.

We'd like to thank everyone for supporting our debut CTH Spotlight film, it's been great. Due to all the support we've received, we decided to produce a second film, but this time we switched our focus from hospitality onto the culinary industry.

CTH Spotlight 2 features Adam Byatt, a Michelin-starred chef, restaurant owner and author, he comes with a lot of experience so we are excited to feature him in CTH Spotlight. Viewers will get an inside look into the culinary industry from a man who's been there and done that.

In the film, Adam discusses how he got his start in the industry as a young chef, working in some of the most world-renowned kitchens, all the way up to his most recent exploits; from starting his own restaurant to writing his own book. It's important that Adam's story is told as it shows a different progression route from being a chef at a restaurant to owning the restaurant. This entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well amongst many CTH students and it's essential that we shine a light on it.

So, please make sure you follow us on social media and show your support by SHARING and LINKING the film

You can watch the film here!

CTH centres will soon be able to do more than ever with the new CTH online portal


In the last few months, our Operations Team have been working on a new online registration portal for our centres to use called ‘CTH Hub’.

This new portal will allow centres to register learners with CTH, place them onto specific courses, view attendance sheets, upload assignments and results, plus access examination question papers.

Everyone is looking forward to CTH Hub, especially our Assessments Coordinator, Rebecca Lauder who has taken responsibility of the project, she said:

I’m really excited for CTH Hub to go live as it will make processes so much more efficient for centres and also allow them to have far more control over their registrations!

In the last exam round, parts of this portal were successfully piloted and we are currently working on the final tweaks to get it ready to go live. CTH Hub will allow centres to have greater control over registrations, including immediate student and course registration (i.e. no more waiting for them to be processed by our team!) and also assist in decreasing the paper trail – Yes, CTH are going green! You will hear more from us when the portal is ready to go live.

CTH EXAM ROUNDS - reduced to 4 for 2019

Female hand signing contract.

After feedback from various CTH teaching centres, we have decided to reduce the number of exam rounds from 5 to 4.

With the help of our academic team and our CTH centres we've made the decision to reform our 2019 exam and assignments schedule. The move has taken place in order to streamline the process and make the method of declaring results before the commencement of the next exam round much more seamless.

You can view the new exam & assignment schedule for 2019 here

Learn the business elements of the hospitality industry with the new Level 3 Hospitality Business qualification

Team Meeting In Boardroom For Exploring New Business Strategies

The Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality Business aims to provide learners with a hospitality and tourism diploma that places aspects of business at the forefront.

This diploma is different to some of our other qualifications which focus on specific roles within hospitality, such as front desk or food and beverage. The qualification focuses more on the business elements of the hospitality industry, such as entrepreneurship and international business growth. It also provides progression routes to other business-related courses.

The units for this qualifications are as follows:

Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Students learn about different hotel & food service providers and their operations.

Purpose and Function of International Business
Students learn about international business and aspects of trade.

Students learn about the challenges that entrepreneurs face and raising funds for new ventures.

Essentials of Marketing and Customer Relationships in Tourism and Hospitality
Students learn key aspects of customer relations and marketing techniques.

If you're an existing CTH Centre or someone who would like to teach this qualification, visit the web page and/or email [email protected], the team will be happy to answer all your questions.

After 7 great years, CTH Assessments Coordinator Ken Robinson, retires

after-7-great-years-cth-assessments-coordinator-rebecca-lauder-img-3 after-7-great-years-cth-assessments-coordinator-rebecca-lauder-img

CTH says goodbye to a familiar face, Ken Robinson.

In August, we held a gathering with food and drink in order to show our appreciation to Ken and wish him all the best in retirement. Ken had been with CTH for over 7 years and became a key member of the team. His departure was a sad day at the office but we have no doubt we will see him again soon, or at least some holiday pictures of him sunbathing on social media.

Ken has been a great asset to CTH over the years and he has contributed immensely in building up a great customer service experience for our students and centres. We will miss his witty character, funny stories and his great work around the office.

Ken's duties have been handed over to Rebecca Lauder, who you will hear more about further down in the Newsletter.

We wish Ken all the best in the future and assure him that he's always welcome at CTH! #ThankYouKen

Are we going to be left with a skills gap? by Yummy Love Journey


This is a question that we are currently pondering here in the UK, but I am sure it applies to many other countries - is a skills gap approaching?

With BREXIT looming near we need to be ready to fill the huge gap left if we do have a mass exodus of skilled workers leaving the UK from the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries because they are no longer welcome here.

So, what do we do? Well currently there are various discussions going on about what we as an industry need to do. However, nothing ever comes about from discussions until you choose to TAKE ACTION. As you already know, here at CTH we have been taking action and showcasing our CTH Spotlight videos that show exactly where you can get to with a career in the industry.

You can view them by clicking here:

We need people to be studying and working towards these skills and be employed in an industry that is exciting, fun, rewarding and a real 'people person' industry - where you get to meet amazing, fascinating, intriguing people from around the globe. People who open your eyes to a new place, teach you something new about yourself and connect with others and the whole planet. This now highlights the importance of open doors within a country rather than heading back to closing borders. So, we need to spread the word, share the passion and champion what an amazing industry this is to be a part of.

Meet the Team: Rebecca Lauder

meet-the-team-cth-assessments-coordinator-rebecca-lauder-article-img meet-the-team-cth-assessments-coordinator-rebecca-lauder-article-img-2

Read about Rebecca Lauder - find out about her role and little bit more about her life.

Tell us about your role at CTH and what you’ve been up to?

RL: My role is Assessments Coordinator and my main duties are registering learners onto courses, running reports to assist the academic team, managing the turnaround of scripts and handling the results and certification process. I have also been working to set-up a new online registration system which is very exciting, as well as other operations-based tasks.

It sounds like you've been very busy, has it been much different from what you're used to?

RL: Before coming to CTH, I worked for another Awarding Organisation (AO) for two years where I managed the development and delivery of assessments. Working there introduced me to the assessment world and systems, and has allowed me to develop my understanding of how the processes work. This has been very helpful in my new role!

That's good to hear, hopefully you're feeling right at home. What are you looking forward to most about working at CTH?

RL: I am looking forward to getting our new system, CTH Hub, up and running as it will make the registration process so much more efficient! I’m also very excited to be working in London, as I have only just moved here.

Oh nice. London is a great city with lot's to do. On that note, what’s your favourite food?

RL: It’s hard to pinpoint just one food! I love Italian and Asian cuisines the best, but I’ve recently discovered a really great ginger and turmeric meatball recipe, so right now I’d say that would be my favourite!

You've got to bring that in one day. Seeing as we are CTH, we've got to ask, what’s the best holiday you’ve been on?

RL: My best holiday and most favourite place is Venice – I went for a long weekend in January 2017 and it snowed! I loved everything about it from the food to the culture and just how beautiful and different it was to everywhere else I’ve been.

Nice, now we feel like a holiday!

CTH Centre View: All is shining brightly at Mornington University College

cth-centre-view-mornington-univeristy-college-student-hafizur cth-centre-view-mornington-univeristy-college-student-husain Mornington Univeristity College students, Hafizur Rahman Babu and Husain Ahmad Nil.

This new school year, our Bangladeshi CTH Centre, Mornington University College (MUC) have been working hard to recruit new students and place their existing students in internships.

Over the summer, Mornington were quite busy with their recruitment process, however to commemorate World Tourism Day (WTD) they held a special seminar that students and staff were invited to. The topic of the seminar was Tourism and Digital Transformation which was the theme of the year. Some faculty members were chosen to be speakers at the event but they also gave students a chance to speak at the podium. One of these was talented student, Fahad Ahmed Chowdhury, who is a MUC/CTH and University Of Wolverhampton graduate. Seminars such as the one held by MUC can act as a good way for learners to engage with trends in the industry and prepare themselves in shaping their own careers.

Several students have also been able to obtain internships and get out in the workplace, most notably Hafizur Rahman Babu and Husain Ahmad Nil (see images) who have gone on to join Excelsior Sylhet Hotel & Resort and Hotel Star Pacific, Sylhet respectively, for their internships. Hopefully, this trend continues and we hear more great things from Mornington University College.

CTH Centre View is our way of highlighting some of the things the students and staff at our accredited centres have been up to; Please let us know if you would like to feature.

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