CTH working with Bangladesh High Commission

21st August 2013
Bangladesh High Commissioner, Mohamed Mijarul Quayes met with CTH Head of Operations and Compliance, Sue Graham to develop working relationships and promote Bangladesh as an up and coming Tourist destination.

Sue Graham - CTH Head of Operations and Compliance, and Mohamed Mijarul Quayes - High Commissioner of Bangladesh in London

The Bangladesh High Commissioner is interested in building capacity, catering for new markets and raising the profile of Bangladesh as a major Tourist and Hospitality Centre in the world. He acknowledges this will take some time but feels Bangladesh has much to offer particularly being located so close to India and the opportunity of ‘partnering’ tourist visits to India, so visitors can experience the joys and wealth of India, and also have an insight and understanding of the rich heritage and wealth of opportunities in Bangladesh. Many of the leading hotel chains are now starting to invest in Bangladesh which has a strong background in shipbuilding, tea exports and garment production. This country is experiencing 6% growth each year and with a 160 million population expects to continue to grow economically. CTH and the Bangladesh High Commission are planning a working lunch to develop links and brainstorm ideas on developing the partnership, if you or your company wish to be involved please contact us directly [email protected]