New Progression Pathways for CTH Students: Coventry University College

12th February 2013

Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) is pleased to announce the progression agreement with Coventry University College. This agreement enables CTH Level 4, 5 and 6 graduates to transfer credits for Coventry University College’s BA (Hons) Strategic Tourism & Hospitality Management degree qualification.

Eligible CTH graduates may apply to either study at Coventry University College’s campus in the UK or study via online from their home countries.

Coventry University College Coventry University College is a new concept in higher education that is designed to integrate study into the life that you lead. The University understand that students have many aspects to their lives, but recognise that gaining higher-level skills and qualifications is really important. Coventry University College draws on the excellence in teaching and learning and the extensive experience of Coventry University. It will however operate independently from the University, as a separate organisation, in its own building and with its own staff; all based on the Coventry University campus. Coventry University College is designed for people who want to benefit from high quality courses but who have decided that the traditional student experience is not for them. This means that the College will focus on the teaching and learning that leads to your academic and/or professional qualifications. The degree qualification The Strategic Tourism and Hospitality Management honours degree focuses strongly on . You will be taught a broad range of topics from emerging issues in the tourism industry to business and marketing strategies. The course will prepare you for a career in tourism and hospitality management. Modules within the programme include units based on the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality Level 6 Graduate Diploma, so that you will have the opportunity to secure this additional qualification. The progression arrangement
CTH Level Entry point at Coventry University College
Level 3 – Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management First year entry
Level 4 – Diploma in Hotel Management/Tourism Management/Hospitality & Tourism Management Second year entry
Level 5 – Diploma in Hotel Management/Tourism Management/Hospitality & Tourism Management Final year entry
Level 6 –Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management Students may apply to gain direct entry to final year of the degree qualification, or apply to entry at Master’s level qualifications
For further details, please visit Strategic Tourism and Hospitality Management BA (Hons)