CTH/IOH Specialist Qualifications

The Institute of Hospitality has developed a unique set of international Management Qualifications which provide industry focused training in management and leadership for the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

The awards provide flexible units of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which build up into internationally recognised qualifications at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Concentrating on developing you in the context of the industry you will learn the essentials of management. From business planning to your own professional development, understanding in consumer management business marketing and sales and so much more, this is your opportunity to boost comprehension and capability.

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Please note: This qualification is not currently regulated by Ofqual. However, this is subject to change, so please enquire for further details

Specialist Diplomas for International Hospitality and Tourism

Focusing on the key areas of leadership and management for the International Hospitality and Tourism Industry. There are six Specialist Diplomas covering: Business Management; Marketing and Sales Management; Consumer Management; Finance and Business Management; Human Resources Management; and, Professional Development.

Introductory Level Certificate in Management for International Hospitality & Tourism

Focusing on the operational aspects of the Hospitality and Tourism Industries, this qualification has been designed to meet the needs of individuals working or aspiring to work in the sector who wish to improve their knowledge and gain an appropriate award.

Intermediate Level Diploma in Management for International Hospitality & Tourism

Focusing on supporting first line managers or consolidating previous learning, this qualification builds on and updates the practicing manager's knowledge and strengthens operational management skills.

Advanced Level Advanced Diploma in Management for International Hospitality & Tourism

Focusing on meeting the needs of managers and senior managers in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, this qualification provides a sound insight into strategic business management and focuses on the knowledge and skills required for successful leadership.

About the Institute of Hospitality

Whilst CTH is the dedicated qualifications body for the hospitality industry its sister institution, the Institute of Hospitality (IOH), is the professional membership body for the sector.

Established in Britain in 1938, the Institute of Hospitality is now an international membership organisation with numerous branches worldwide and members in over 100 countries. The Institute's members are located in all sectors of the industry from hotels and food service to leisure, tourism and academia.

Its members include some of the most experienced and senior managers in the hospitality industry. It is therefore perfectly placed to partner with CTH in developing gold standard qualifications for the sector. CTH and IOH work closely at all levels to ensure the relevance of CTH/IOH qualifications to industry needs and employment opportunities.

As a registered charity with a global membership, the Institute offers a wide range of benefits to its professional members including online resources, regional networks and industry-specific management publications and research. Furthermore, through membership, individuals can attain additional globally-recognised designatory letters signifying their qualifications and level of industry expertise.

The Institute exists to benefit its members in their professional and career development, whilst continuing to improve and promote industry and management standards into the 21st century. Its stated primary purpose is “to promote the highest professional standards of management and education in the international hospitality, leisure and tourism industries”. From students to retired Fellows, the Institute continues to support members' professional development throughout their careers, wherever they are in the world.

On completion of their CTH programme all CTH hospitality and culinary graduates are encouraged to apply to join the Institute as the logical next step in their career development.