Why choose CTH qualifications?

We are flexible

We know that within the education sector there can be a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy - so, at CTH, we try to reduce the number of processes that you need to execute simple tasks, whilst maintaining the high quality we are renowned for.

We are recognised worldwide

CTH qualifications are developed along with industry partners like Virgin Atlantic, InterContinental Hotels Group, Sheraton and Institute of Hospitality to name a few. Partnerships like these ensure there is a global recognition of CTH when graduates are looking for jobs.

We are reliable

Our dedicated team are always on-hand to offer support and guidance to our Centres. We have a number of platforms that we use to help meet your needs and ensure smooth classroom delivery.


What do Teaching Centres say about us?

The entire CTH curriculum is lively and the advantage is that it can be moulded in such a way that students enjoy the learning experience.

Leena Pem Sewpaul, Elite Business School

What do Students say about us?

I can say with great confidence that the course not only expanded my theoretical knowledge, but also helped me to 'get a taste' of the industry.

Aksinya Kovalenko, Swiss Hotel Management School

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