As a CTH Member you are part of a worldwide network of tourism, hospitality, travel and catering professionals. CTH Members wear their badges of membership with pride and with a determination to deliver excellence in their field.

Grades of Membership

Student Members

Student Membership is mandatory for all students that are studying for a CTH qualification at Level 3 and above. However, it is optional for students studying at qualifications below Level 3.

Student Membership gives students access to CTH’s Membership website (CTH Members) and have access to text books, industry articles as well as other study materials. Student Members are also able to create discussion groups and access jobs section in the website.

Further, student members also receive CTH’s Student Membership Card, Membership Certificate as well as Membership Pin badge as a part of your membership.

Registered Student: Individuals studying qualifications below Level 3 are categorised as Registered Students. This is a non-membership based registration, recognising that students studying qualifications up to Level 2 do not necessarily require access to Membership benefits. Students in this category will not receive a CTH Membership card and access to CTH’s Members’ website. Students can upgrade their status from Registered Student to Student Member at any time by paying the applicable fee to CTH.

Professional Member (MCTH)

Professional Membership is open for individuals that have met one of the requirements below:

  • CTH graduates of qualifications at Level 6 and above, OR
  • CTH graduates with qualifications below Level 6, but have at least 3 years of industry work experience, OR
  • Non CTH graduates, with at least five years of relevant managerial work experience.

As a Professional Members, you have access to all member benefits of Student Membership as well as use of post-nominals, MCTH, after your name.

Honorary Fellow (FCTH)

Honorary Fellowships are awarded by the invitation of CTH’s Academic Council to recognise outstanding contribution towards our industry and CTH.

Honorary Fellows are eligible to use post-nominals, FCTH after their name.

Professional Code of Practice for CTH Members

CTH encourages its Members to aspire to excellence in their professional life and has therefore developed a Code of Practice that all CTH Members should seek to adhere to.

Click here to download your copy of the Code.

Some great reasons to be an active CTH Member


Click on each point for more information.

To keep in touch with developments in the industry.

The industry is always changing as technological developments and social changes alter the business environment. Let CTH help you keep ahead of trends and new ideas!

For networking opportunities with your industry peers.

CTH Membership offers access to a range of global networking opportunities, from formal regional ‘Chairman’s Dinners’ to more informal peer-to-peer or intra-employer liaison.

To not miss out on valuable training options.

As a CTH Member you’ll get first news of up-coming training opportunities to enhance your skill-set and keep you well qualified for new career opportunities in the sector.

For unlimited access to CTH’s E-library.

What better way than to have the latest academic information at your finger tips. The CTH E-library has over 200 industry specific texts when every and where ever you need them.

To share your knowledge and skills with others.

As a properly qualified industry practitioner you have skills and knowledge that others would envy. As an active CTH Member you can help others by sharing your knowledge.

For global recognition as an industry professional.

As a CTH Member you are part of an exclusive professional ‘club’, membership of which automatically signifies your status as a trained practitioner in your field.

For access to a dynamic CTH Members online social network

The CTH Member website provides a great social network facility for chat, exchange of ideas and forum-based discussion across the entire hospitality, tourism, travel and catering sectors.

For free access to the CTH job Portal for career vacancies.

Members who are looking to move on up have exclusive rights to view and apply for the latest vacancies, posted by our partners and members.

Use CTH’s prestigious Post-nominals

Get the industry recognition you are looking for with the use of CTH’s prestigious post-nominals (MCTH and FCTH); see left for details on how to apply.