Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills

A more extensive beginner level course, that expands on learners' food preparation and cooking techniques.

Programme Overview

This Level 2 cooking qualification aims to develop students' culinary skills by teaching them to take a critical approach when producing a variety of dishes. By evaluating what they create, learners can begin to increase the quality of the food they prepare and cook.

The course builds on techniques demonstrated at our beginner level qualifications but goes further by improving learners' time management skills, food preparation and hygiene protocols; these factors are all needed to work in a professional kitchen.

The Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills is great for those who have aspirations to become a professional chef or work in the food industry. The course sets a solid foundation to help build on the key principles for working in a kitchen and cooking with the major food groups.

Entry Requirements

This Level 2 programme is open access although applicants should be over 16, have completed secondary education and have some English fluency.

Syllabus Overview

CTH Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills (QAN: 603/2658/X)

Students must achieve:
  • All 6 mandatory units, providing a combined 22 credits, all at level 2
Credit Value (CV): 22
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 179 Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 220
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH Assessment Method
2KHFS Kitchen hygiene and food safety 2 1 8 Theory test and practical exam
2MPO Prepare and cook meat, poultry and offal 2 6 50 Recipe log plus practical exam
2FAS Prepare and cook fish and shellfish 2 4 32 Recipe log plus practical exam
2VPVP Prepare and cook vegetables, pulses and vegetable proteins 2 4 32 Recipe log plus practical exam
2SSS Prepare and cook stocks, soups and sauces 2 4 32 Recipe log plus practical exam
2PRE Prepare and cook pasta, cook rice and eggs 2 3 25 Recipe log plus practical exam
CTH Certificate Total (6 units) 22 179