Certificate Validation Service

Welcome to the CTH Certificate Validation Service. This service is designed to assist students, colleges, and employers in checking the authenticity of a CTH certificate.

How does it work?

Students, colleges, and employers can check the validity of a certain CTH certificates. To do this you will need to enter the student's last name, CTH number and date of birth into one of the two search engines shown below. The system will then automatically check the validity of the certificate for you.

Please note: In November 2012, CTH moved to a new records system. For certificates predating the 1st November 2012 (and students whose registration number is 29989 and above), please contact [email protected] for validation.

Update – August 2022:

A sample image of a QR code, with the text 'sample' written on it.

You can now also authenticate a CTH certificate using your smartphone.

Just scan the QR code on the front of the certificate. This will take you to the authentiqual.com website, where the name and award details will be confirmed.

Why use this service?


  • Check that your CTH certificate is valid and authentic
  • Check that you are correctly registered as a student with CTH


  • Check if job applicants are qualified for the role you are offering
  • Check if job applicants have genuine CTH qualifications

CTH Approved Teaching Centres:

  • Check the authenticity of entry qualifications cited by applying students
  • Check if progression applicants qualify for the next level CTH qualification