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This part of the site is dedicated to you – our students.

Here you’ll find information about what it means to be a CTH student; everything from how to join a programme to how a CTH qualification can benefit your career.

Student Introduction

CTH offers a wide range of programmes leading to internationally recognised CTH qualifications. Here’s a 5-step summary of the process to achieving a CTH qualification.

StudentsI am interested in a CTH course - what do I do?

Check the Centre Search Engine for an extensive list of Worldwide CTH Approved Teaching Centres, please click here.

StudentsNow what?

Click on the study centre of choice and you can send an enquiry directly to them. Or call one of the centres you are interested in for a range of dates, prices and course duration.

CTH studentsAnd then?

Once you have enrolled with them your Centre will register you with CTH for your course and as a CTH Student Member. (As a Student Member you will receive access to the CTH Members online resource website which has all sorts of useful study support materials, industry news and a variety of career opportunities in the sector). You will then be eligible to commence your course.

StudentsWhat about exams and assignments?

When the exams or assignments are due your Centre will register you for each one with CTH on your behalf.

StudentsAnd the results?

You will receive a Statement of Attainment of all your results achieved and once you have completed and passed the whole course a certificate will be sent to your Centre for them to give to you.

Once you have received your certificate you’ll be ready to continue your studies or start an exciting career. Good luck!

Exam & Assignment Schedule

CTH Members Online

Student FAQs

About Studying on a CTH Programme

In what kinds of industry sector can I specialise in with a CTH programme?

CTH is a specialist awarding body for the Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Culinary sectors. We offer a range different kinds of qualifications at a range of different levels, from Level 2 practitioner up to Level 7 postgraduate. Our more theoretical strategic qualifications are grouped under Management programmes, while our more practically-based programmes are grouped under Continuing Professional Development (formerly Career Skills) programmes. Take a look at the drop-down menus under the heading 'Qualifications' on this website.

How long do the qualifications last?

There is no fixed duration for any CTH programme and different CTH qualifications may run from as little as two days right up to as much as three years or more. CTH programmes require a set minimum number of study hours, however different Approved Teaching Centres may space these learning hours to suit the needs of the particular market they are catering for. For example, some CTH Approved Teaching Centres specialise in offering qualifications for part-time learners, while others will specialise in full-time learners. Others may also run CTH programmes on an intensive basis for those students seeking a 'fast-track' qualification.

What level of English do I need to start a CTH programme?

All CTH programmes are structured and assessed in English. English level requirements vary depending on the level of the qualification, with a higher level of English proficiency being required for a Level 7 Management programme, for example, than for a practically-based Level 2 Culinary Award. Also, individual CTH Approved Teaching Centres may have their own English language requirements, so you are advised to check with your local Centre. In general, most CTH programmes require applicants to have an English level higher than B1.

Where can I apply?

All applications for Student Membership and for registration to take CTH assessments must be made through a CTH Approved Teaching Centre. Please see the CTH Approved Teaching Centre search engine on this website to locate your nearest Centre.

Why can't I send my application to you directly?

CTH is an awarding body, not a college, and so does not teach qualifications itself. Every student must be assigned to a CTH Approved Teaching Centre and it is part of our binding contract with them that all data and payment must come from your College representative. Please note we cannot accept any individual cheques/cash/credit/debit card payments for Student Membership applications or exams/assignments.

How much are the exams?

Exam/assignment fees vary depending on the qualification you are studying. Please check with your Approved Teaching Centre.

If I am a CTH Student Member, how can the CTH Member website help me with my studies?

When you log into the Student Member section of the website you will gain access to a range of resources designed to help you in your studies. These range from past assignments and exam papers to recommended texts and study materials. There is also a large free online library of ebooks that you can use for background reading on your study subjects. In addition to all of this, many Approved Teaching Centres set up networking groups for their students providing an excellent forum where students can ask questions and exchange ideas.

What are the CTH study resources?

The CTH study resources are available to registered CTH Student Members within the CTH Members website and comprise a wide selection of support materials for CTH's Management and Culinary programmes. Resources include ebooks, past exam papers, study material, journals, reading recommendations and recipes that CTH provides to students to assist them with their studies.

What if I want further support materials?

If you are studying for a CTH Management Programme then your Approved Teaching Centres will have access to our suite of specialist CTH Learning Toolkits. There is one for each subject module, giving structured support built around the specific scope of the syllabus.

So how and when do I register for the exams or assignments and when are they?

Individual students cannot register for CTH examinations or assignments. All registrations must be done via that student’s Approved Teaching Centre. CTH Management Programme examinations are held four times a year, in March, June, September and December. CTH Culinary and Continuing Professional Development Programmes have different assessment dates. Please check with your Centre to confirm these. Important note: There are deadlines for registration for each exam series that must be adhered to by the Centre.

What if I miss any of the deadlines?

In the first instance, explain your circumstances to your Centre and ask them to contact CTH to request a late entry. In some circumstances, and depending on how late after the deadline the request is made, this may be accepted, subject to payment of a late registration fee.

When will my results be declared and to who?

CTH is a global organization with Centres across the world, but also one that prides itself on assessing all candidates to a single standard. We therefore mark and moderate all assessment series in London to ensure consistency. This can take a little time, for example, typically 9 weeks in the case of Management Programmes. Please note: The official CTH results declaration date is the date results are declared by CTH and then sent to your College. Your College will need to collate the information and complete their own administration before the results will be available to you.

What if I cannot take the exam at my Centre?

This should only happen in exceptional circumstances when the Centre is unable to host the assessment. In those circumstances CTH will do all it can to assist students by arranging alternative options.

Why won't CTH speak to me directly?

CTH operates via its Approved Teaching Centres and has a strict policy of only communicating to students via these Approved Centres. This rule is applied in order to maintain the college’s examination/assessment responsible officer as the hub for the passage of information and so minimise the risk of confusion or error.

Can I study any exams/assignments myself?

CTH requires students to be registered at one of our accredited centres, for optimum knowledge, teaching, support and to maximise your potential, with the help of qualified and experienced staff. This will also follow regulations set to us, adhering to the teaching guidelines. Therefore, studying alone is not an option. Please see our list of approved centres.

Is it possible to study for a CTH programme whilst also working or undertaking work experience?

Yes. In fact many CTH Approved Teaching Centres encourage this and some even organise placements for their students as part of their qualifications. Certain CTH programmes, most notably CTH Level 4 Management programmes, allow students to actually be assessed for their part of the qualification within the workplace.

Can you email me my results?

We do not email results directly to students, they are sent to your College.

What about over the phone?

Again, due to confidentiality, results are not given out over the phone.

Can I appeal my results?

Yes you can – your College will complete an Appeals Form by our deadline and send to us, where we will review your results.

If I fail an exam or assessment can I take it again? And how many times can I retake it?

Yes you can. If you fail an exam or assessment then you can try again up to a maximum of two extra times. Remember though that for many of its awards CTH has only set dates each year when exams can be taken.

How long do I have to complete my CTH qualification once started?

The time limit to complete any CTH qualification is five years. If a student does not complete within the time limit, but still wishes to complete, they will need to be re-registered with CTH by their Centre, pay the appropriate fees and retake all assessments.

About Student Membership

How can I become a CTH Member?

Any student undertaking a CTH programme will become a CTH Student Member. To register as a Student Member you must apply via your college who will organise your Membership for you.

What are the advantages of becoming a CTH Student Member?

As a CTH Student Member you can network with other students from different parts of the world and ask questions, share opinions and get advice. The CTH Members website provides industry news, interesting articles, study resources and even industry jobs in your area!

Are there special events that I can take part in?

CTH does not usually organise events but we encourage students to network with eachother via our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X). CTH also recommend membership of our partners Institute of Hospitality, the global membership organisation, with whom we have an arrangement for discounted student membership at £25.00.

How much is membership?

Your membership will be valid until you complete your qualification and can be extended on request by emailing [email protected].

How long is my membership?

Your membership will be valid for a year.

So do I need to re-enrol?

You do not need to re-enrol. Your CTH Student Membership number will be with you throughout your studies.

About the CTH qualification I will receive

Is my CTH Certificate or Diploma valid for life or do I have to repeat any assessments again?

Once successfully completed any CTH award is valid for life. But if you don't successfully complete your course within 5 years then you have to start again.

What do the different levels of qualification mean?

CTH is approved by Ofqual, the qualifications regulatory authority for England. Its qualifications are therefore registered with Ofqual according to its grading levels. CTH currently offers qualifications from Level 2 (essential skills) up to Level 7 (postgraduate).

How do I know a CTH course is relevant to my future career?

CTH is a specialist industry-focused body with strong links to the industries (Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Culinary) that it serves. That is its great strength. It's syllabi have therefore been developed in consultation with those industries to deliver the skills needed by employers. In addition, CTH awards are periodically updated as necessary to keep them in-line with current industry practice to make sure they are not just relevant at inception, but that they stay relevant into the future.

Do you offer access to any job possibilities?

The CTH Members website has a page called ‘CTH Gold Employers’ in which you can find a range of current jobs posted on-line in many different countries around the world. You can browse them from the website and then if you are interested you can apply online from the page.

Are CTH qualifications officially recognised?

CTH is fully registered in the UK and approved by Ofqual, the qualifications regulatory authority for England. As an official British awarding body CTH qualifications are respected the world over. In addition, CTH qualifications are specifically recognised by government authorities in a number of other countries, but the sheer number of countries in the world makes it impossible for the Confederation to register each of its qualifications in every single one. Another factor that helps ensure the value of a CTH qualification to the holder is the fact that CTH carries the support and endorsement of a large number of leading international employers and organisations in the Tourism, Hospitality, Travel and Culinary sectors.

What Universities can I go to?

There is a wide selection of universities where you can use your CTH qualification to gain advanced entry. Take a look at our University Pathways page. If the university you are aiming for is not listed you can contact us and we will see if we can help you by notifying them of the details of your qualification.

Help! I've lost my certificate

That’s okay. You can request a duplicate from your Centre. They will advise the fee.

What if I’ve finished and passed the qualification at my College and need duplicate Certificates or Statement of Attainments?

Your Centre will need to contact CTH and we will check your status to help you further.

How can my new College, University, or potential employer know if I have really passed my CTH qualification?

If a student has passed and completed their CTH qualification, this can be checked using our Certificate Validation Service

I have a query, how do I contact CTH?

All student queries should be directed to CTH via your teaching centre. However, if this fails and you need to contact CTH directly, please view our contact details in the Contact us page.