At CTH, we believe in doing business the right way. We believe that there are charitable goals in our industry and in the wider world that need to be highlighted in order for them to be achieved. Here, you can find various charities and organisations that we have selected, that represent good causes for society.

CSR partners



Fifty Shades Greener (FSG)

As its name suggests, Fifty Shades Greener places climate change at the forefront of its business objectives. 'Greenhouse gases', 'carbon emissions', and 'net zero' have become buzzwords surrounding conversations about climate change; however, instead of just talking about these issues, FSG believe change can only come by learning and then applying what we learn to make an impact in the real world.

The Ireland-based company is a world leader in sustainability, offering qualifications and consultation to employers, businesses, and governments. CTH has recently worked with FSG to develop a new qualification - targeting hospitality professionals who desire to reduce the carbon footprint at their organisations.

The long form version of Be Inclusive Hospitality's logo. Be Inclusive Hospitality is a CTH CSR partner.

Be Inclusive Hospitality

Be Inclusive Hospitality is certainly the face for inclusion in the hospitality industry, featuring in The Caterer, The Guardian, Big Hospitality and many more publications. Operating as both a social enterprise and not-for-profit organisation, the goal of Be Inclusive Hospitality CIC is to accelerate racial equity in the Hospitality, Food and Drink industries.

With help from the individuals and companies that they work with, this non-profit organisation develops support programmes, produces industry reports, and awards talented individuals from Black, Asian, and ethnic minority backgrounds with their BIH Spotlight Awards.

Please share your experiences and thoughts in this important Survey. The results will inform and assist Be Inclusive Hospitality in their working towards a hospitality industry that has fairness and inclusivity at its heart.

Find out more about the Be Inclusive Hospitality organisation here:


She Unit Uganda

Self-sustenance, self-esteem, and freedom for all women - those are the goals of She Unit Uganda and those are the reasons they continue to uplift single mothers and struggling women and provide them with the practical skills they need to improve their situations.

The Ugandan non-profit organisation offers free-of-charge training in hair and beauty (hair dressing, make-up, nails and shampoo and conditioner production) - an industry that has less barriers for women to enter. Through their training and guidance, the young women involved in the programme will gain an education and a chance at entrepreneurship.

Support the mission of She Unit Uganda by donating here:



According to the 2018 LGBT in Britain Work Report - 'One in five LGBTQ+ people were the target of negative comments at work'; this is unacceptable and with the help of Stonewall, this stat will go from one in five LGBTQ+ people to zero.

Stonewall is an organisation with over 20 years' experience offering employers diversity training and development through their Diversity Champions Programme, as well as other tools and services. They also offer inclusion schemes that target schools and colleges, aiming to educate staff and students across the UK.

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Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

With its members representing over 7 million rooms globally, 45,000 hotels, and include 270 brands - that's the kind of impact Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is having across the industry. Now operating as an independent charity, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance was originally formed following the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. In accordance with this, the charity follows the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), covering human rights, youth employment climate action, and water stewardship.

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