Level 2 Award in Cookery Skills

A short beginner level course, that introduces learners to a range of food preparation, cooking and finishing techniques.

Programme Overview

The Level 2 Award in Cookery Skills is designed to introduce candidates to essential kitchen skills in preparation for employment, with learning outcomes designed to develop practical cookery skills. Students are assessed on their practical cooking and kitchen skills rather than theoretical knowledge.

Through the course, learners will develop their understanding of the core skills required in a professional kitchen; improving on a number of techniques, including the ability to handle kitchen equipment, prepare food and finish/store the products they create.

Entry Requirements

This Level 2 programme is open access although applicants should be over 16, have completed secondary education and have some English fluency.

You can now study 50% of this qualification online!

All CTH culinary programmes are designed for those seeking a professional career in a commercial kitchen, so it is difficult to learn these skills effectively in anything other than the real-life hands-on environment of a professional cookery school. Our culinary programmes have therefore never previously been available for any form of online study.

However, developing practices and technology mean that there are certain essential skills and theory that you can now effectively study online and then practice in your own kitchen, before going on to apply those skills within the professional training kitchen environment.

Working in close partnership with the innovative team at White Pepper Chef Academy & Cookery School, CTH has now evolved an approved 50/50 blended delivery model for this Level 2 Award qualification, allowing Centres to offer flexible professional skills training without sacrificing the high standards of achievement that are integral to the CTH qualification standards.

For more details of this new blended delivery option please contact the CTH team at [email protected].

Whitepepper Chef Academy & Cookery School logo. Whitepepper have partnered with CTH to offer the Level 2 Award in Cookery Skills through online learning.

Syllabus Overview

CTH Level 2 Award in Cookery Skills (QAN: 603/6705/2)

Students must achieve:
  • All 4 mandatory units, providing a combined 80 credits, all at level 2
Credit Value (CV): 8
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 80 Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 80
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH Assessment Method
BVSD Prepare, cook and finish basic vegetable and soup dishes 2 2 20 Recipe log and practical exam
PKP Professional kitchen practices 2 2 20 Practical exam
BCPBB Prepare, cook and finish basic cakes, pastries, biscuits and breads 2 2 20 Recipe log and practical exam
BMPFD Prepare, cook and finish basic meat, poultry and fish dishes 2 2 20 Recipe log and practical exam
Award Total (4 units) 8 80