CTH Certificate in English for Tourism and Hospitality

An English language programme designed to improve the communication skills and vocabulary of learners. This qualification has been designed with a specific focus on the hospitality and tourism industries.

Programme Overview

The CTH Certificate in English for Tourism and Hospitality is an ESP (English for a Specific Purpose) programme; this means the communication skills you learn will have a specific focus on training you to understand and use vocabulary and grammar relevant to the hospitality and tourism industries.

This programme will not only give you a greater command of the English language but it will help to increase your employability prospects at the international level.

By teaching learners to understand the work of a restaurant, how to welcome guests, and the processes taken by a travel agent, they will begin to recognise the vocabulary and language that applies to different scenarios in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Through the completion of this course you will be able to gain and/or improve your industry-relevant English language skills.

Syllabus Overview

CTH Certificate in English for Tourism and Hospitality

Students must achieve 3 mandatory units, providing 25 credits.
Credit Value (CV): 25
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 200 Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 250
Unit Code Unit Title CV GLH Assessment Method
Mandatory Units
TE Travel English 7 60
  • One Reading and Writing Test.
  • One Speaking and Listening (one-to-one Q&A with assessor) Test.
  • One Presentation.
EWHT English for Working in Hotels & Tourism 9 70
EWR English for Working in Restaurants 9 70
Certificate Total (3 units) 25 200