CTH has Approved Teaching Centres all over the world. To become one you will need to go through an approval process to ensure you can offer CTH programmes to a good standard. We can offer support to help you achieve this.

Become a CTH Approved Teaching Centre

Six-step CTH Approval process

CTH has many Approved Teaching Centres all over the world. If you would like to apply, there is an approval process to ensure that you can deliver CTH programmes to an excellent quality standard.
The process is stringent but fair and usually completed in less than three weeks from us receiving your documentation.

Step 1 – Contact a CTH Business Development representative

Contact the CTH Business Development team by completing our online enquiry form or by emailing us at [email protected]

Enquiry Form

Step 2 – Schedule an initial Zoom meeting

Schedule an initial Zoom meeting with the CTH Business Development Team to gain a better understanding about the centre approval process and our requirements. The meeting is also a great opportunity for us to advise on which CTH programmes would be most suitable for your centre and for us to answer any questions you may have about your application.

Step 3 – Complete the CTH application form and prepare additional documents

When you have completed the application form and gathered all of the required additional documents, please submit everything to your CTH representative.

Step 4 – Attend CTH Approval Zoom meeting

Your application form and additional documents will be reviewed by the CTH Academic Approval Panel. Following the review, success applicants will be invited to a CTH Approval Zoom meeting - the Zoom will include our Approval Panel and you and the key decision makers at your institution.

This meeting will normally be around 90 minutes and include the following topics:

  • Participation from your Centre Responsible Officer, Department Head and Head of QA, alongside our CTH Academic Approval Panel.
  • A discussion regarding your application form, documentation and procedures to ensure that you meet our academic and quality assurance requirements.
  • Explanation of CTH Workshops and agreement of mandatory CTH Overview Workshop date.

Step 5 – Sign CTH License Agreement and pay Approval fee

Following the CTH Approval Zoom meeting, the CTH Academic Approval Panel may request some additional evidence or need clarification on items discussed in the meeting. If this process is successfully concluded, we will then send you a formal CTH License Agreement and Approval Fee invoice (covers the new Centre approval fee, plus any additional workshops required). Please read the License Agreement carefully before signing. Once the License Agreement is signed, please return it your CTH representative and notify us when the Approval Fee has been paid.

Step 6 – You are now a CTH Approved Teaching Centre!

When CTH have received your counter-signed License Agreement and the Approval Fee has been paid, you will be sent an official CTH Centre Certificate recognising your institution as a CTH Approved Teaching Centre. This status will provide you access to the following:

Marketing support – you will be added to our CTH corporate website and receive promotional videos, PDF flyers, logos and social media support to assist you with your marketing campaigns.

Academic support – you will gain access to our CTH Members website, with password access to all your Delivery and Assessment teaching resources.
In addition, CTH conduct workshops which provide Teaching Centres with up-to-date information on how to administer, deliver and assess the qualifications.

Operations support - You will be given helpful instructions on how to register students, access examination documents, submit evidence and gain the full support of our CTH Operations team.

Lastly, as a CTH Approved Teaching Centre, when your students graduate, they will have access to our specially-negotiated University Pathways that provide a number of academic exemptions to universities in the UK, Canada, Switzerland and other countries.

approved-teaching-centre-sample approved-teaching-centre-badge

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance:

Once officially recognised as a ‘CTH Approved Teaching Centre’, the recognised Centre accepts that all material provided by the Confederation of Tourism (CTH) is confidential copyright of CTH.

On approval, Centres are granted initial accreditation for one year. (This is extended after the first year, assuming minimum student numbers have been met, plus examination and the assessment regulations have been upheld. Also, all accounts must be up to date. CTH Approved Centres are reviewed on an annual basis).

There is no fee for the initial registration of students to CTH, by Centres, which must be done within two weeks of starting to teach. Fees due to CTH will be invoiced to Centres on registration of the students onto their first assessments.

Any dispensation granted in the reproduction of text is specifically granted and only remains whilst the Centre maintains its approved status.

The Centre adheres to CTH’s equal opportunity policy and all other documented policies and procedures.

CTH monitors, on an annual basis, the performance of its Approved Centres against the criteria outlined in its Quality Assurance Statement and the Centre’s License Agreement with CTH, via the Annual Reapproval. Centres are required to adhere to this process.