The CTH Level 6 Professional Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management is usually taught over one year period and is designed to be broadly equivalent to the final year of a bachelor’s degree.

Level 6 Professional Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

This programme is CTH’s ultimate undergraduate level award and has been expressly designed to provide equivalent learning to that provided by a British university bachelor’s degree programme in hospitality and tourism.

In fact, graduates of this programme are able to convert their award into a recognised British university bachelor’s degree from Binary University or BPP University College simply by completing an additional dissertation.

The programme is designed as 140 credit qualification in international hospitality and tourism management, covering all the key management skills required for a management career in the sector. Students will attend a course of study of not less than 560 guided learning hours comprised of a mixture of tuition and guided self-study.

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Admission requirements

Admission to this programme is open to those students who have completed an appropriate Level 5 qualification in a relevant subject, such as a CTH Level 5 Advanced Diploma or a relevant HND. Applicants should also have at least English IELTS 5.5 level or equivalent.


Students who successfully complete the Level 6 Professional Diploma can go on to convert it to a university bachelor’s degree in hospitality & tourism from Coventry University College (UK), BPP University College (UK)* or Binary University (Malaysia).

Credit entry to the very final stages of bachelor’s degrees from other universities are also available. Students may also opt to progress on to postgraduate study with the CTH Level 7 Executive Diploma, as well as to masters degrees at selected universities. Please enquire for full details of current pathways available.

Level 6 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

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CTH Level 5 Advanced DiplomaRecognised Equivalent Diploma

CTH Level 6 Professional Diploma

CTH Level 7 Executive DiplomaBachelor’s Degree EntryCareer Start

Syllabus Overview:

Level 6 Professional Diploma in tourism and hospitality Management
QAN: 601/2082/4

    Students must achieve:

  • Both mandatory units, providing a combined 70 credits
  • 2 units from the optional group, providing a combined 50 credits

i.e. a total of 120 credits, all at level 6

Credit value (CV): 120
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 420 Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 1200
Mandatory Units
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH URN Assessment Method
SIBE The Strategic Impact of the Business Environment 6 35 105 M/503/6110 Assignment
EITI Emerging Issues in the Tourism Industry 6 35 105 A/503/6109 Closed book written examination
Optional Group (2 from 4)
BSHT Business Strategy for Hospitality and Tourism 6 25 105 T/503/6111 Assignment
MEHT Managing Events for Hospitality and Tourism 6 25 105 A/503/6112 Assignment
QMHT Quality Management for Hospitality and Tourism 6 25 105 F/503/6113 Closed book written examination
MSHT Marketing Strategies for Hospitality and Tourism 6 25 105 J/503/6114 Assignment
Pro-Graduate Diploma Total
(4 units)
120 420

Emerging Issues in the Tourism Industry:
The impact and opportunities of cultural and urban tourism, and nature and eco-tourism.
Assessment: Assignment

The Strategic Impact of the Business Environment:
The macro environment, globalisation, the economy, responding to change, and competitive advantage.
Assessment: Examination

PLUS two from options below (60 credits):

Business Strategy for Hospitality & Tourism:
Business analysis, planning models, growth strategies, vision, mission, culture and strategy implementation.
Assessment: Assignment

Managing Events for Hospitality & Tourism:
Types of event, issues, pre/real-time/post event management.
Assessment: Assignment

Quality Management for Hospitality & Tourism:
Importance, quality improvement measures, customer research & feedback.
Assessment: Examination

Marketing Strategies for Hospitality & Tourism:
Relationship vs transactional marketing, loyalty, third-party, social and e-marketing, and public relations. Assessment: Examination.
Assessment: Assignment

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