CTH Members Online

CTH Members is a student portal for student members of CTH that provides a range of support for their studies. It is also available to staff at Approved Teaching Centres who are actively encouraged to make use of the resources it offers and to use it as an online forum to interact with their students.

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CTH Members

The portal has the following features:
  • Online Forums where your academic staff can connect with your students.
  • Past exam papers.
  • A range of free Study Materials that have been developed for a selection of CTH programmes, as well as more generic materials such as general study skills guidance.
  • Access to Centre Resources including Chief Examiners Reports and Registration Forms for examinations and assignments.
  • An E-Library of hospitality and tourism industry text books, each chosen for their relevance to the syllabi of CTH programmes.
  • E-Publications, providing a selection of industry-relevant reports and datasheets which you can read online to keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in hospitality, tourism and the global economy.
  • Lists of Recommended Readings, providing a useful list of recommended books and eBooks to read in support of learning for the range of CTH programmes, and includes a handy link to Amazon for easy purchasing.
  • Links to industry related Journals.
  • Industry News, so you can keep up to date with the latest news on Hospitality and Tourism.
  • A country-specific Job Search function for students to make use of once they have finished their studies.
  • A great Social Platform that allows you to network with all CTH members worldwide, you are able to send public and private messages to other members as well as creating and joining social groups.