A male videographer recording a performance. The image is being used as the cover image for the CTH Films page.

Making connections is essential - connections to the industry and employers, connections to professional organisations, connections to other students and graduates. when you are part of a community its much easier to plan your next steps.

Through our series of films - CTH Spotlight, CTH Student Voices and CTH Talks, we aim to connect you from the classroom to the vast world of Hospitality and Tourism.

CTH Films

CTH Spotlight

Our inside look into the world of hospitality and tourism. In each edition, we interview key members of staff at the world's most prestigious hospitality and tourism brands and shine a light on well-known restaurateurs and chefs across the industry. Learn more from them as they offer keen insight into the sector and share their journey, inspirations and motivation for the future.

CTH Student Voices

Thinking of studying a CTH qualification? If so, check out our CTH Student Voices films and hear from the current students and graduates of our CTH qualifications. They will tell you about their experiences, aspirations for the future and perhaps provide you with some useful tips.

CTH Talks

Before applying to work in the industry, it's very important to know which steps to take and which tools you have at your disposal. Our CTH Talks films uncover some best practices when applying for jobs, getting your unique start in the industry and many more useful tips and advice.

CTH Operations – Instruction videos for centres

We have created these four instruction videos to assist centres in registering their students for initial membership (within two weeks of starting to teach) and then later for exam registrations.

Management and Culinary: Membership Registration Process

Management and Culinary: Exam Registration Process

Management and Culinary: Results Submission Process

Management: Assignment Submission Process