Level 2 Award in Barista Skills

A short practical course aimed at developing learners with the knowledge and key skills required to become a Barista.

Programme Overview

Over the last 10 years, the retail coffee industry has grown exponentially, reaching and populating markets in various regions worldwide. Through this growth, the industry has not only seen a rise in manufacturing employees, such as farmers and roasters, but there has also been an emergence of the 'professional barista'.

Baristas have become well known for being a cornerstone to any coffee shop or cafe; delivering great quality beverages and customer service. The Level 2 Award in Barista Skills has been developed to ensure that students with aspirations of becoming a Barista have the skills and finesse needed to perform the role to a high level.

Through the programme, learners are taught the fundamentals of grinding, brewing and serving coffee and other beverages in a professional environment. This means learners are taught to manage a variety of ingredients and equipment in order to execute the art of coffee-making at a commercial standard.

A key component of the course is Customer Service Skills. This element of the programme highlights the importance of teamwork, communication and adaptability; all essential to operate in a coffee shop or any other food and beverage establishment.

Entry Requirements

This Level 2 programme is open access although applicants should be over 16, have completed secondary education and have some English fluency.

Syllabus Overview

Level 2 Award in Barista Skills (QAN: 610/0242/2)

Students must achieve:

  • 1 mandatory unit, providing 9 credits, at level 2.
Credit Value (CV): 9
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 25 Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 40
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH Assessment Method
Mandatory Unit
2BSK Barista Skills 2 9 25
  • Practical observation
  • Questioning
  • Multiple choice test
Award Total (1 unit) 9 25