Indian chefs cooking in a professional kitchen of a gourmet restaurant

Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills – Islamic Regions (Halal)

An extensive beginner level course, focusing on learners food preparation, cooking and finishing techniques. The course has been specifically developed for Islamic regions, with the removal of shellfish, pork and offal products from the units.

Programme Overview

Like the Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills, this Halal alternative provides learners with an opportunity to gain fundamental skills needed to work in a professional cooking environment.

Those who study this course, will develop a key understanding of how to prepare and cook a variety of dishes to a high level, in a manner that is halal.

However, cooking is not the only essential part of this course, learning how to do so in safe and hygienic conditions is also crucial; doing so will help those studying to easily transition to working in professional settings.

Upon successful completion of the qualification, learners will be able to demonstration of good standard of technique and experience, that will further add to their skill sets and therefore increase their chances of employment.

Syllabus Overview:

CTH Level 2 Certificate in Culinary Skills – Islamic Regions (Halal)

Students must achieve: all 6 mandatory units, all at level 2
Credit Value (CV): 18 QAN:
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 157 Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 180
Mandatory Units
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH URN Assessment Method
2KHFS Kitchen Hygiene and Food Safety 2 1 8 T/616/7761 Theory test and practical exam
2MPO Prepare and Cook meat and poultry 2 4 35 Recipe log plus practical exam
2FAS Prepare and Cook fish 2 3 25 Recipe log plus practical exam
2VPVP Prepare and Cook vegetables, pulses and vegetable proteins 2 4 32 J/616/7764 Recipe log plus practical exam
2SSS Prepare and Cook stocks, soups and sauces 2 4 32 L/616/7765 Recipe log plus practical exam
2PRE Prepare and Cook pasta, rice and eggs 2 3 25 R/616/7766 Recipe log plus practical exam
Certificate Total (11 units) 18 157