CTH Learning Tool Kits

As a part of our on-going commitment to support our centres, CTH is delighted to inform that we have now developed full and comprehensive centre specific delivery materials for all our modules.

Preparing to launch a new programme and developing the necessary course delivery material can be a lengthy and expensive process for colleges. Typically it means paying staff to develop lecture slides, case studies, sample assessments and so on. It can be a major cost, especially for smaller colleges, and the end result is rarely as comprehensive as staff and students would like.

The CTH Learning Tool Kits (LTKs) are designed to provide a strong base of learning material, both for lecturers and their students. All in all, for each module we have developed over 400 pages of materials, all custom developed around the prescribed CTH programme syllabi.

They are free for CTH Approved Teaching Centres to use for the delivery of CTH programmes. We also allow you to copy these materials for your CTH students (unlike textbooks that are typically restricted by copyright). For example, you can email them to your students, upload them to your student portal or give out hard copies of the printouts in class.

Just log in to the CTH Members section of the website to access the CTH Learner Tool Kits for the modules you are teaching.

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What our Approved Teaching Centres say:

The CTH learning Tool Kits are an essential tool to deliver the CTH qualification. We at LS Business School are more than happy with the quality and quantity of these support materials, and would recommend them to any CTH accredited centre.blockquote-last LS Business School (London)
We are very happy with the CTH Learning Tool Kits. They identify the framework in which CTH requires these modules to be delivered and we can now teach these modules in an advanced manner.blockquote-last Thames College (Sri Lanka)
Here at Quantum Education in New Zealand, the CTH Learning Toolkits enable us to focus on the key issues for delivering the subject matter, thereby facilitating students' learning, and enhancing their ability to be successful with their examinations. We particularly like the syllabus overview, offering a total picture of the expected learning outcomes, and the various mini-case studies, which are motivational tools for the students, heightening their interest in the topics at hand.blockquote-last Quantum Education Group


Learning Tool Kits, what we offer:

Lecture Delivery

Title Pages
Unit Structure Outline 5
Syllabus 4
Division of Syllabus into Sessions 4
Scheme of Work 2
Key Topics Identified as Concepts and Application 20
Knowledge and Skills Requirement 3
Session Plans 10
Session Delivery Slides and Notes 180
Unit Overview Handout 7
Real Industry Examples 15
Session Articles (Additional Reading) 15
Session Quiz 15
Instructor Session Planning Worksheet 4
Supervisor Teaching Techniques 4

Student Support

Title Pages
Unit Structure Outline 5
Syllabus 4
Division of Syllabus into Sessions 4
Unit Summary 20
Revision Cards 15
Scenario Mini Cases 15
Assessment Prep Manual 25
Assessment Workshop Manual 25
FAQ Manual 10
Session Articles (Additional Reading) 15
Session Tests 18