Update regarding June 2020 assessments

Dear CTH Teaching Centres,

I have some additional information about the June assessment period, in recognition of the difficulties created by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to liaise with our regulators Ofqual and advise you of any further updates asap.

1) Waiver of late registration fees - To assist you in this difficult time, CTH will be waiving any late registration fees for assessment registrations made between the usual registration deadline and the late registration deadline on 18th May. This is to give you extra time to confirm your student registrations, in case you are experiencing difficulties in operating your Centre during the COVID-19 restrictions.

2) Students due to complete their qualifications in the June assessment series - It is important that any student who is due to complete his or her overall qualification this June is identified to CTH so that we can assist to ensure they have the opportunity to do so. It is therefore important that you register any such students for their remaining unit assessments as early as possible.

Please also additionally write to us with a list of such students at your Centre so that we can explore any special measures that may be necessary to enable them an opportunity to complete their qualification on schedule. (Important note: Students on multi-unit qualifications deemed eligible to complete their qualification this June should typically have already completed at least half of the component units of their qualification in prior assessment periods).

3) Management Programme assignment cover sheets - We recognise that many students undertaking assignments for our Management Programmes in the up-coming assessment period will be doing so from home. We are therefore dispensing with the paper-based and hand-signed confirmation cover sheet for CTH assignments and replacing it with one that can be submitted electronically along with the student's assignment work.

Please find a copy of this to download HERE.

It can also be accessed by visiting the CTH Members website Centre documentation area at https://members.cthawards.com.

Finally, I should like to take this opportunity to wish you good health during this difficult time and offer my assurance that CTH is committed to working together with our Centres to support learners in the months ahead.

Kind Regards,

Lucy Couvaras
Operations Manager