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 Highlands Lane, St. Saviour,Jersey,JE1 1HL 01534 608 608

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 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) qualifications, Culinary qualifications, Hospitality and Tourism Management qualifications

Why choose Highlands College?

The mission of Highlands College is to meet the further and higher education needs of the people of Jersey and our working aim is to provide a high quality 21st century learning environment that will enable students to develop the know-how and wherewithal to live economically, socially and personally fulfilling lives.

The college is a fantastic place to learn and to work with committed and enthusiastic staff and students who are motivated and positive about their courses and their learning.

If you are interested in practical learning and being prepared to enter directly into the workplace, come and talk to us.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Highlands College is approved to offer the following CTH programme(s):
  • Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism
  • CTH (IoH) Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Hospitality Management
  • CTH (IoH) Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Level 2 Award in VA Fares and Ticketing
  • Level 2 Award in VA Earth
  • Level 3 Award in VA Fares and Ticketing
  • CTH (IoH) Level 2 Specialist Award for Chefs in Health & Social Care