Announcing CTH and COHMCA partnership in Pakistan

28th September 2021
Male and female representatives of Canadian College of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts (COHMCA) in Pakistan, posing with CTH approval certificate.

We are pleased to announce that Canadian College of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts (COHMCA), Lahore, Pakistan has become an Approved CTH Teaching Centre.

Last week, our Director of Partnerships Simon Cleaver connected via Zoom link and joined esteemed representatives from COHMCA, Rauf ur Rehman - CEO, Abdul Latif - Director Operations, Hamza Khalid - Manager Academics. Also joining were our colleagues from ISM [who represent CTH in Pakistan], Asad Warraich and Rashid Ali.

Rauf ur Rehman commented:

COHMCA has ambitious plans to invest in the demand for internationally recognised skills in the Hospitality & Tourism Sector. COHMCA has taken-up the task to train the youth of Pakistan, based on the international standards, adding value in the local and international hospitality industry and creating various entrepreneurial opportunities.

Asad Warraich says, “We are excited about the cooperation between CTH & COHMCA and looking forward to strengthening our collaboration.”

Representatives of Canadian College of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts (COHMCA) in Pakistan, sitting around a table, speaking on zoom call with CTH Director of Partnerships, Simon Cleaver.

Simon Cleaver commented:

It is great to see CTH's network of Approved Teaching Centres in Pakistan develop further with the new addition of COHMCA in Lahore. We look forward to working closely with them to train the next generation of Pakistan’s hospitality and tourism professionals. As the world emerges from the Covid pandemic there will be huge demand for hospitality and tourism in all countries, and well-trained young Pakistani talent will be able to take advantage of this to build exciting careers the world over.