Back to School: CTH Essentials

7th September 2017

We're in the period of the year whereby students are either going back to school or starting at their new school. CTH being an awarding body, means that we're part of the process of getting students ready for their new school year with their CTH Approved Centres. A part of this process is supplying centres and students with our CTH essentials, which include a membership card and wallet, a free CTH computer memory stick and a prestigious CTH pin badge.

Be a part of the CTH Family by having your official membership card; save all your work and assignments with the CTH computer memory card and looking stylish and smart with the prestigious CTH pin badge. Look below to see what they look like:

essentials 1

THE ESSENTIALS (From left to right): The membership card; the wallet; the memory stick and the CTH pin badge

Our CTH Approved Centres love them too, take a look at the images some of our centres recently posted:


You will get your CTH Essentials through your centre once you apply for your CTH Student Membership