CTH celebrates first ever joint graduation ceremony in Mauritius

7th November 2022
CTH Marketing Director, Steve Beckworth speaking on the podium at the first CTH joint graduation ceremony 2022 in Mauritius.

On the 22 October 2022, over 80 graduates from five different CTH Teaching Centres across Mauritius came together for our inaugural graduation ceremony.

Held in the historic Mahatma Ghandi Institute Auditorium, the venue proved to the perfect setting to mark such a huge landmark in CTH's many years of work in Mauritius and the impressive achievements of the graduates. Notable attendees at the ceremony included the Mauritian Minster of Labour - Hon Soodesh Sat​kam Callichurn, the CTH Marketing Director - Steve Beckworth and representatives from the CTH Teaching Centres - Elite Business School, Aura Institute, J-Hospitality & Tourism Management, Delta Institute, Rushmore Business School and Trianon Hotel & Tourism Management Centre. Also in attendance were some esteemed members of the hotel and hospitality industry.

The event was a major success - eighty-four CTH Hospitality and Tourism Management graduates were able to don their caps and gowns to commemorate such a notable achievement in their budding careers, many with Merits and Distinctions. The graduation ceremony also represented a bridging of the gap between education and industry which was evident from presence of Minster of Labour, Hon Soodesh Sat​kam Callichurn.

CTH Marketing Director, Steve Beckworth reinforced this point throughout the ceremony and celebrated the graduates by saying:

Graduates, every single one of you are the new and unique talent that this industry needs. You will evolve the industry in many ways and ultimately shape the experiences of people taking holidays and business trips around the world. So grasp this moment and what comes in the next few years with both hands and get excited about your future possibilities in this great industry. Well done to you.

Once again, congratulations to all the graduates and teachers who celebrated on the day and a big thank you to all the organisers, especially the fantastic team at J-Hospitality & Tourism Management. We look forward to honouring many more CTH graduates and connecting them with the industry in the years to come.

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