CTH Student Voices – Adarsh Boodnah

5th July 2018

In today's CTH Student Voices, we talk to Elite Business School student, Adarsh Boodnah. Adarsh has worked hard to balance his academic work with his industry opportunities and is now interning with Holiday Inn Sheridan in the US; hear more about it below.

I, Adarsh Boodnah, started my journey on the 4th of July 2016 at Elite Business School, Mauritius in the field of Hospitality with the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality courses. However, choosing the appropriate institution was not an easy task.

Looking for the right opportunity

Firstly, I wanted to go into further studies in Switzerland but unfortunately, I had certain financial constraints. I applied for the local hospitality courses in a public institution but to my disappointment the entry requirements did not match my A-level results. I could not see any hope to pursue my international dreams; however, finally I heard about Elite Business School (EBS). After I attended the counselling, I was convinced I was on the right track with the CTH programmes and so I applied to EBS.

Being the only Mauritian student among several international ones was quite awkward in the beginning but with time, life lasting friendships developed wherein I enjoyed the learning that happened through the sharing of ideas and diverse cultures from various parts of the world.

Making the most of your opportunity

[EBS] Director, Mrs Leena Pem Sewpaul had promised to help me get a job placement in a five-star resort and that's exactly what she did. I was employed on a part-time basis and worked twice a week. My education did not only consist of in-class learning; EBS caters for the overall development of its students to be able to face real world challenges. I had professional exposure to the world of work which is crucial for future graduates.

As I always had a strong liking for gastronomy and my dream was to experience the job of a chef, I was lucky to get the opportunity to work closely with them in the main kitchen of the hotel during my training.

This helped me enormously to understand how these operations work and to be able to write my assignments. I was proud to share the skills that I acquired with my fellow university mates through a cold salad presentation at EBS which was a success. At that moment, I experienced real confidence that was built in me to face the world of hospitality.

Elite Business School provides quality education whereby you are trained by the best lecturers to whom I will be forever be grateful. Elite does not only focus on studies but also on well-deserved recreational activities and events that enhances the growth of students. Overall, the personal development of students is also primordial for Elite which organises outings, industry visits or societal activities such as blood donation. Moreover, there are open days whereby future students get the chance to get proper counselling. I got to participate in all such activities and I can proudly say that these have helped to forge my character and personality.

Reaping the benefits

I was dumbstruck when I learnt from the Director and the Business Development Consultant, Mr Das that I will be going for my internship in the United States. They stuck to their word and provided me with the support to make my dreams come true. This shows the level of professionalism at Elite Business School.

Today I am moving to US for a one-year internship in the Food and Beverage department of the prestigious Holiday Inn Sheridan convention centre.

This opportunity of a lifetime is attributed to Elite and CTH. My sincere thanks to the establishment EBS and to the awarding body CTH for shaping me, not only on a professional level but also a personal one. The best reward is to have been able to make my parents proud of me.

Adarsh Boodnah
Elite Business School, Mauritius

Thank you very much Adarsh for participating in CTH Student Voices, we hope your internship is a great success.

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