ICTSR 2022 aims to reshape Tourism, Hospitality and Events for a more sustainable future

23rd February 2022
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CTH are very pleased to support the International Conference on Tourism & Social Research (ICTSR), scheduled for August 2022 on Ukulhas Island in the Maldives.

This inaugural Conference is being organised and hosted by our CTH 'Gold' Cente, Clique College and their Social Research Centre.

If any CTH partners or researchers would like to submit a paper and potentially attend the Conference, please read more information below and visit their website: www.socialresearchcentre.com.

About the Conference

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought international tourism to a standstill but has had severe impacts on local economies and communities. Given the importance of the tourism and hospitality sector for many communities around the world, it is vital to rebuild the industry and make it more resilient and sustainable in the future. To that end, more than ever, the global tourism industry is in need of researchers and practitioners to join hands in a global partnership to assist in this task.

As such, the Conference aims to discuss ideas, knowledge and research on redeveloping global tourism hospitality and events, bringing together practitioners, policy-decision makers and academics of global tourism industry to share research, cases and stories about current challenges and possible ways forward in building a more resilient future for this industry.

The Conference will be hosted by Clique College (Maldives) with Curtin University (Australia) and Nottingham Trent University (UK) as co-hosting universities.

Steve Beckworth, CTH Marketing Director, commented:

CTH are very happy to support Clique College and the Social Research Centre for this important event and are excited to see the outcomes. We anticipate that this will be a very important milestone for rebuilding the tourism industry in a robust and environmentally sustainable way for our future generations.

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