What impact will Expo 2020 have on the UAE?

13th December 2018

Expo 2020 will provide a key opportunity for the tourism and hospitality industry in Dubai and the UAE in general.

Expo 2020, like its predecessors, is a global event that takes place every five years. The event allows countries, organisations and people to come together, share ideas, present findings and celebrate human innovation. The Expos lasts for six months and the host nation is selected via a bidding process similar to other worldwide events such as the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup. The next Expo; Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai, UAE and the theme 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future' could be synonymus with what is about to take place in the Hospitality and Tourism industry within the region.

The two sectors that are predicted to benefit the most from the event are the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Expo 2020 is predicted to attract millions of tourists and guests and will undoubtedly boost the UAE’s profile. With the huge number of people that are set to travel to the UAE beforehand and significantly during and after the event, the demand for a good quality hospitality and tourism infrastructure will become a top priority.

It's a must that young people within the region are equipped with the skills needed to transition from education into the industry and have a positive impact in the sector. Vice President Sheikh Mohammed recognises this and wants the youth to be a key part of the event. However, it doesn't just end with this event; the developed Expo 2020 site is planned to be repurposed to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. With the right tools and education, we could see the UAE region flourish even further for years to come.

How is CTH effecting change?

At CTH, it's our mission to offer our services worldwide in order to bolster the skills of students and employees in the Hospitality, Culinary and Tourism industries. For that very reason we've been watching the UAE closely and have offered Qualification partnerships to leading colleges and training providers for the sectors we cater to. In this way, we help the growth of these sectors within the UAE and worldwide, so that learners are properly qualified and inspired for rewarding careers.

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