Meet the Team: Assessments Coordinator, Rebecca Lauder

21st November 2018

Read about Rebecca Lauder - find out about her role and little bit more about her life.

Tell us about your role at CTH and what you’ve been up to?

My role is Assessments Coordinator and my main duties are registering learners onto courses, running reports to assist the academic team, managing the turnaround of scripts and handling the results and certification process. I have also been working to set-up a new online registration system which is very exciting, as well as other operations-based tasks.

It sounds like you've been very busy, has it been much different from what you're used to?

Before coming to CTH, I worked for another Awarding Organisation (AO) for two years where I managed the development and delivery of assessments. Working there introduced me to the assessment world and systems, and has allowed me to develop my understanding of how the processes work. This has been very helpful in my new role!

That's good to hear, hopefully you're feeling right at home. What are you looking forward to most about working at CTH?

I am looking forward to getting our new system, CTH Hub, up and running as it will make the registration process so much more efficient! I’m also very excited to be working in London, as I have only just moved here.

Oh nice. London is a great city with lots to do. On that note, what’s your favourite food?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one food! I love Italian and Asian cuisines the best, but I’ve recently discovered a really great ginger and turmeric meatball recipe, so right now I’d say that would be my favourite!

You've got to bring that in one day. Seeing as we are CTH, we've got to ask, what’s the best holiday you’ve been on?

My best holiday and most favourite place is Venice – I went for a long weekend in January 2017 and it snowed! I loved everything about it from the food to the culture and just how beautiful and different it was to everywhere else I’ve been.

Nice, now we feel like a holiday!