Meet the Team: Operations Manager, Lucy Couvaras

19th November 2020

In this Meet the Team article, we interview CTH Operations Manager, Lucy Couvaras. Find out more about her as she gives readers a small glimpse into her life.


Tell us about your role at CTH and what you have been up to before?

I’m the new Operations Manager here at CTH. Its my job to coordinate the workflow between CTH and our Centres to ensure that registrations, exams, assignments and results are delivered on time.

Has it been much different from what you are used to?

My previous experience was in the EFL industry where I was the Deputy School Director of 2 Centres. My previous role was pretty similar to my current role. The biggest difference was that I was in contact with the students directly as classes were held in London and now I am in contact with Centres via Zoom and Email.

That's wonderful! What are you enjoying most about working at CTH?

Working with our International Centres from all over the world. Its travelling without moving!!

Correct! Also, what is your favourite food?

My favourite food is Mexican food (and cocktails, does that count?).

It absolutely does! Seeing as we are CTH, we have got to ask, what is the best holiday you have been on?

The best holiday I ever had was island hopping around the Greek Islands. It wasn’t necessarily the best holiday I ever had, in relation to the sights, sounds and food (they were amazing), it was simply because I did it with my best friend and we laughed so much (and I was in my 20’s).