Meet the Team: Marketing Assistant, Carla Catasus

9th March 2022
CTH Marketing Assistant, Carla Catasus smiling at her desk in the CTH office in London.

Our marketing team are delighted by the addition of Spanish student, Carla Catasus, who will be interning with us for 10 weeks. She's lovely, hardworking and full of ideas which has added another dimension to our team. Read more about her in this edition of Meet the Team.

Hi Carla, tell us about your role at CTH and what you were doing before joining us?

Hi, I am part of the marketing team. I am doing an Erasmus, so I am studying Marketing and Advertising in Villanova i la Geltru, Spain, my hometown. Before working at CTH, I worked in a decoration store where I communicated with customers face to face. Now at CTH, I am working on things like social media campaigns, student competitions and new business projects.

That's interesting. So, would you say your experience has been different from what you are used to?

Yes, I am living in another country, without my family nearby. So, it’s completely different but I’m enjoying this experience a lot.

Good to hear. What are you enjoying most about working at CTH?

The thing that I enjoy the most about working at CTH is the friendly team and the marketing meetings, I enjoy it because I learn a lot and I can express myself.

It's always important to be able to express yourself. Now then, what would you say is your favourite food?

I love Italian food, especially vegetable pizza.

CTH Marketing Assistant, Carla Catasus busy at work in the CTH offices in London.

Good choice! What is the best holiday you have been on so far?

My favourite holiday was at Disneyland Paris with my family in September 2020. We were waiting for that moment since we were little children. I had the chance to travel there when I was 9 years old, but I enjoyed it much more two years ago because I was older and could appreciate it much more.

So, one of your childhood dreams came true, brilliant! What is your all-time favourite film?

I love musicals, in particular, my favourite musical is Grease. When I was a little, in the school playground, we used to play at imitating the main characters so it brings back some great memories. I was always Sandy of course!

That brings back some memories; good choice, Sandy! Lastly, describe your perfect weekend.

My perfect weekend is staying with the people that I love, making plans to see nature and the environment. I really enjoy discovering new places.

Thank you, Carla. It's been a pleasure learning more about you; I'm sure there will be a few more people going to watch Grease after reading this.

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