The New CTH Connections Newsletter is Coming Soon!

14th September 2017

It's almost time to release the new CTH Connections Newsletter and we've got some great content for you. Look back at our previous editions and read what we have planned for this one.

We know you love to hear about what's been going on at CTH and we love to keep you informed, that's why the September 2017 Edition will cover some great CTH related news, so look out for that. We will also feature our regular contributor, Yummy Love Journey, who will be providing you all with her perspective on the industry in her latest column. Articles discussing aspects of the different industries of interest will also be present; this includes the tourism, hospitality, culinary and education industry. Topics such as the challenges that employees face in hospitality industry and new practices that could be implemented in university exams will be discussed. So, make sure you get involved and secure your copy of the newsletter.

To make sure you're sent a copy of the CTH Connections Newsletter, free of charge, email your forename and surname to [email protected]