OSAC’s Culinary Arts Launch

13th May 2016
Participants getting involved at the Molecular Gastronomy Workshop

Participants getting involved at the Molecular Gastronomy Workshop

On Thursday 12th May, OSAC International College hosted their CTH Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts launch event. The event included various guest speakers and an opportunity for those who attended to participate in the Molecular Gastronomy Workshop.

What is Molecular Gastronomy?

Molecular gastronomy or modern cuisine is a new and innovative cooking and dining experience. It utilises the tools of science and places them in the kitchen. This is done in order to explore the different possibilities within the culinary world. But what does this mean? By utilising different elements, such as, liquid nitrogen and other food chemicals, the possibility of transforming the taste, texture and composition of food can be realised. Ever heard of 'transparent ravioli' or 'plum caviar'? Well, through molecular gastronomy these kinds of food are possible.


CTH's Director of Membership, Simon Cleaver was also in attendance


As a CTH accredited centre, OSAC are offering the CTH Level 4 Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts. Through this, OSAC aims to help learners to build a ‘full range of skills and qualities required by today’s chefs’. OSAC are making big moves, as they are the first in Singapore and Asia to offer the Level 4 programme and look forward to reaping the rewards of that.