Level 3 Certificate in Management & Leadership for Business & Hospitality

Programme Overview

The Diploma in Management & Leadership for Business and Hospitality will particularly appeal to those who have not had the opportunity to gain a formally recognised management qualification and provides a solid foundation for progressively developing management skills and enhancing the job performance of supervisors and managers.

The qualification is designed so as to be accessible to all hospitality supervisors and managers through the provision of short and focused units requiring between 6 and 12 GLH (guided learning hours) to complete.

Key aims

The key aims are to provide a qualification that enables the participant to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and team performance
  • Deliver effective leadership of their respective team/department
  • Better understand cost management and develop the ability to take advantage of opportunities to grow revenue
  • Become an effective contributor to a high performing management team
  • Develop a structured path to career progression and promotion

Please note: These qualifications are not currently regulated by Ofqual, however this is subject to change so please enquire for further details.

Qualification size & structure

The qualification is made up of five compulsory units and one elective. All units of this diploma programme can be individually completed and certificated. The complete Diploma in Management & Leadership for Business and Hospitality is awarded upon completion of six units (five compulsory units and one elective). Each Unit requires the completion of between 6 and 12 guided learning hours. The overall qualification is designed to be delivered in a minimum of 42 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and will also require a further 30 hours of preparation, study and assessment time. It is recommended that one or two units are undertaken each month, and consequently the qualification can be completed in 3 to 6 months?

Compulsory Units:

  1. Unlocking your Leadership Potential to Drive Business Performance
  2. Using Strategy Execution Methods to Effectively Deliver your Business Goals
  3. Developing a Customer Service Culture to Create Competitive Advantage & Business Growth
  4. Interpreting Key Financial Statements to Improve your Bottom Line
  5. Understanding the Importance of Marketing to build Customer Loyalty

Elective Units:

  1. Building High Performing Teams through Effective Performance Management
  2. Improving your Management Systems to Enhance Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance
  3. Natural Disaster Risk Assessment for the Hospitality Industry

Access & entry requirements

This is an open access qualification with registration at the discretion of the Approved Teaching Centre for learners they consider able to successfully complete the qualification.

Minimum age is 18 at registration.

The qualification is taught and assessed in English and so a good grasp of the language is required.

Syllabus Overview:

Level 3 Certificate in Management & Leadership for Business & Hospitality

Students must achieve: 5 mandatory units and one optional unit, all at level 3
Credit Value (CV): 13 (or 14) QAN: TBC
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 42 (or 49) Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 132 (or 139)
UK Funding Eligibility: TBC
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH URN Assessment Method
Mandatory Units
3LP Unlocking your leadership potential to drive business performance 3 2 7 TBC Work-based assignment
3SEM Using strategy execution methods to effectively deliver your business goals 3 2 7 TBC Work-based assignment
3CS Developing a customer service culture to create competitive advantage & business growth 3 2 7 TBC Work-based assignment
3FS Interpreting key financial statements to improve your bottom line 3 2 7 TBC Work-based assignment
3MCL Understanding the importance of marketing to build customer loyalty 3 2 7 TBC Work-based assignment
Optional Units (choose 1 from 4)
3HPT Building high performing teams through effective performance management 3 3 7 TBC Work-based assignment
3MS Improving your management systems to enhance operational efficiency & regulatory compliance 3 3 7 TBC Work-based assignment
3ND Natural disaster risk assessment for the hospitality industry 3 4 14 TBC Work-based assignment
3TTT Train the trainer - Delivering effective staff training 3 4 14 TBC Work-based assignment
Certificate Total (5 mandatory plus 1 optional unit) 12 (14) 42 (49)