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Level 4 Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Management in Hospitality

A comprehensive management-level programme aimed at teaching candidates how to control carbon emissions in the hospitality sector.

Programme Overview

This qualification has been developed to upskill people working within the hospitality industry to become the 'Green Managers' of the future. It is designed to empower candidates to make a real difference to their workplace by training them to deliver meaningful environmental improvements within their hospitality property.

Reducing the use of energy and water, cutting the production of waste and reducing business utilities will not only facilitate a reduction of carbon emissions but also deliver the potential to save money. If effectively put into practice, the implemented principles can be a win-win for business owners, the industry and the planet.

This Level 4 Certificate programme is designed to be a practically-driven ‘action-based' programme, where learners will be presented with a number of tasks in each of the six units to be completed at home or at their workplace. The completion of these modules will allow candidates to measure and reduce utilities costs and wastage.

In an era when reducing our environmental footprint is a pressing requirement for any hospitality organisation, this programme is an essential component of employers' staff training provision. All good training programmes ideally yield benefits for both the learner and their workplace, but this programme also potentially benefits the earth as well.

Syllabus Overview

Level 4 Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Management in Hospitality (QAN: 610/0070/9)

Students must achieve:

  • all 6 mandatory units, providing 13 credits, all at level 4.
Credit Value (CV): 13
Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for Qualification: 60 Total Qualification Time (TQT) for Qualification: 130
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH Assessment Method
Mandatory Units
4ES Environmental Sustainability and the Role of the Green Manager 4 1 10 An online synoptic exam assessing all six units. Plus, a single overall synoptic assessment focussing on the learner's workplace, to reflect the application of the knowledge and skills learned (covering learning outcomes and assessment criteria from all units).
4BPI Establish Baseline of Key Performance Indicators 4 2 10
4WMC Water Management Conservation 4 3 10
4VMS Waste Management System 4 3 10
4EMS Energy Management System 4 3 10
4GMK Green Marketing 4 1 10
Certificate Total (6 units) 13 60