Students encouraged to ‘be the squeaky-wheel’ at latest Student Learning and Development Forum

31st January 2019

This week, members of our marketing team were able to attend The Institute of Hospitality (IoH) Student Learning and Development Forum - a free event filled with inspirational speakers and employers.

Held in the iconic Institute of Directors building in Pall Mall, London, the Student Forum provided an excellent opportunity for Hospitality students and young people with an interest in the industry to meet employers, hear from those who have been in their position and gone on to do amazing things and also to network. The event also gave employers and hospitality professionals a unique chance to meet students and share their wisdom - inspiring the next generation of Hospitality professionals.

The speakers during event ranged from Westbury Street Holdings (WSH) CEO, Alastair Storey to CTH graduate, Dana Kanibolotska, who you will see featured in the next CTH Student Voices film (view the latest film here). There was also a valuable opportunity to meet new people and share ideas during the networking lunch.

Our Sales & Customer Relations Manager, Stefano Dominici, had this to say about the forum:

During the event, I heard so much good advice on looking for jobs and internships and also about reacting positively to changes in the industry. “Grab every opportunity, be humble but also be the ‘squeaky wheel’!”. This was one of our favourite statements, meaning ‘always ask questions’ and ‘be involved’. We also heard some inspiring comments from the students who participated in the forum, we could feel the passion they already have for this industry. We’re very happy to attend these events - they keep the Hospitality industry exciting!”

View images from the event below and be sure to view our Hospitality qualifications designed for every level of your Hospitality career:

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