Travel & Tourism: Ulpa Goes East (VIDEO)

1st December 2016

Ever visited Norwich? Well, CTH's very own, Ulpa Chauhan had the opportunity to entice viewers when she collaborated as Yummy Love Journey and participated in a series with the blog, Norwich - The City of Stories.

The blog, centred around the city of Norwich is hosted by bloggers L and Mel. The pair utilise the blog to share posts, as well as their knowledge of Norwich. Through their many interactions with various people, L and Mel have been able to form the series whereby people from different backgrounds and perspectives have been able to tell their stories about Norwich. Prior to Ulpa's appearance, they featured 'The Trendsetter' and 'The Restaurateur'.

Ulpa's cameo is one of six instalments in the series and is titled 'The Visitor'. She discusses her love for Norwich, even mentioning the joy of 'finding something different' as you turn every corner.

View the short film below. Oscar worthy? Maybe so.


Look out for a full length article on Ulpa's visit to Norwich written by Yummy Love Journey in the soon-to-be released December Newsletter. In order to receive your copy for free, email your first name and surname to [email protected]