University of Derby Online to launch the CTH Institute of Hospitality Level 4 programme – for working people

18th June 2020

The University of Derby, already one of the UK's most respected universities for hospitality-focused degrees, has recently been in discussions with CTH with a view to adding CTH programmes to its course portfolio. We are delighted to announce that from later this year the University's online learning division will be offering the CTH Institute of Hospitality Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Hospitality & Tourism Management. 

This programme is one that has been specifically designed to help those people already in work but who started at the bottom rung in their careers without any prior industry training. These individuals frequently find that their hard work can only take them so far and that they need management training before rising into supervisory and management roles. This Level 4 programme is designed to provide them with exactly these crucial skills.

Online learning is perfect for the delivery of these courses as it enables people to upgrade their skills whilst still in their daily working roles. And the University of Derby, with its professional faculty and long experience of online delivery, makes an ideal CTH Approved Teaching Centre for this fantastic programme.

Simon Cleaver, CTH Director of Partnerships commented:
"This Diploma programme is special because it is uniquely focused on people already working in the sector. It's also strongly backed by the industry professional membership organisation, the Institute of Hospitality, so it is a real ticket to potential promotion. We're delighted to be partnering with the University in launching the course online, especially in the challenging post-Covid19 environment where online delivery is more needed than ever before".