New CTH Hospitality Practice Course

19th June 2017

Providing the highest standard of qualifications has always been one of the key strategic visions of CTH. This entails keeping our content up-to-date and relevant to our students and to the industry.

Teacher Helping Students Training To Work In Housekeeping Pastry chef showing students how to prepare dough in kitchen Front desk in Hotels

As CTH continues to expand its portfolio, opportunities to offer ever-better career paths to our students continue to arise. For example we have recently expanded our range of Culinary courses , in response to the needs of our CTH Approved Teaching Centres worldwide. Now, after careful research into industry trends, it is time to focus on our hospitality programmes by developing a practical award to complement the earlier stages of our CTH Management courses. We are therefore delighted to announce that CTH is now working on a Level 2 Hospitality Practice qualification. This will be a Level 2 Certificate programme designed to provide students with the essential skills for their first job in the hospitality sector.

New programme for 2017

This qualification is primarily designed to be studied in parallel with one of our Management Diploma programmes at either Level 3 or Level 4, but it is also a valuable skills course in its own right. It has been developed specifically to provide students new to the hospitality sector with a range of essential skills they are likely to need to perform successfully in their first career role in the sector.

Programme overview

This Certificate qualification will include the following skills:

  • Reception duties - Check-in, customer handling and check-out procedure
  • Housekeeping duties - How to prepare a guest room
  • Restaurant service - Basic table waiting skills
  • Concierge & portering - Baggage, taxis and guest assistance
  • Bar work - Essential beverage preparation and service skills

Important note:

This programme is still in development and will not be available until the autumn of 2017. Syllabus content is subject to change. For further details, please contact [email protected].