CTH’s New Culinary Courses

15th December 2016
Head chef posing with the team behind him in a professional kitc

Providing the highest standard of qualifications has long been established as one of the key strategic visions of CTH. This entails keeping our content up-to-date and relevant; therefore, the introduction of our new culinary courses fits the bill perfectly.

Teacher Helping Students Training To Work In Catering Pastry chef showing students how to prepare dough in kitchen Three chefs presenting their plates to the head chef in a kitche Team of chefs preparing food in the kitchen of a restaurant

Going from Levels 2 to 5, CTH has added to it's existing professional culinary qualifications as well as created new ones. These new qualifications will provide students with further development and training in culinary arts and help them to gain a further understanding on the existing qualifications. The new qualifications will also provide a more specialist feel, for example the Confectionery and Patisserie qualification is centred around the skills needed to pursue a career as a pastry chef.

A breakdown of the qualifications

Level 2

In addition to the existing Award level qualification for Culinary Arts, we have also included the Certificate and Diploma levels. Certificate Level: The Certificate level qualification is a more advanced level to that of the Award qualification. More contact time and a more detailed programme means that students can get more out of the programme and can go a step above the the Award level. Diploma Level: The Diploma level is a fuller qualification with a more extensive module set. With the Diploma, students get an overall understanding of the beginning stages of professional cookery.

Level 3

These diplomas are an extension of the existing Level 3 qualification, aimed at adding a more specialised feel to the Level 3. Diploma in Kitchen and Larder: This qualification is for those wishing to learn modern cooking techniques and equip themselves in dealing with different areas of the kitchen. Diploma in Confectionery and Patisserie: Confectionery and Patisserie is for those that aim to specialise in the areas of a pastry chef. Dealing with desserts and baking techniques are units that are included in this qualification.

Level 5

The Level 5 Diploma in Culinary and Hospitality Management is a new qualification, that will typically be run as a practical "apprenticeship" in a working restaurant or front of house environment. With the qualification, the aim is to help equip learners with the skills needed to run their own hospitality business.


These qualifications are available now. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
For more information on each of the new CTH culinary courses visit our Professional Skills Programmes page