CTH Tourism & Hospitality Management – student assessment fees:

11th April 2022

Note to CTH centres :

In the past, CTH student assessment fees for Tourism & Hospitality Management programmes have been invoiced to centres on a unit-by-unit basis, as and when students were registered onto individual assessments.

This system is different from all other CTH programmes (Culinary and CPD - where the entire qualification assessment fee is invoiced at once). It has proved to be complex to administer and confusing, however we have historically maintained it in order to provide operational continuity to long-standing CTH Centres.

Unfortunately, our student management system no longer allows us to operate in this way, so it is now necessary to standardise our invoicing procedure across all CTH programmes.

CTH will now therefore invoice centres the total qualification fee at the point of each student's registration onto their first CTH assessment. (To clarify, this is not at the point of initial student registration (now free of charge), but later when they are registered onto their first assessment).

Following registration onto their first CTH assessment, students may be refunded a fixed 50% of their total assessment fee in the event that they drop out of their programme before having undertaken 50% of the qualification assessments.

Please do contact [email protected] if you need further clarification of these changes.

Thank you.