CTH Update: Members Site Career Support

4th November 2016

As some of you may know, at CTH one of our strategic visions is to provide our learners wherever possible, a direct pathway into their career. In order to do this, we utilise many of our various platforms, one of which is the CTH Members Site. The site houses many opportunities for our CTH Members to engage with other students, utilise learning resources, be informed and be entertained. However, what we have been looking at more closely is to help prepare our students for future careers and opportunities. This is where the Career Support page comes into play.

The Career Support page is a platform that is being utilised by the CTH Members site to provide a focus, not just for those who are looking for opportunities at present, but also for those that are looking for some guidance about careers in the future.

Let's explore what the Career Support platform has to offer so far. This platform is split into two sections; the Job Search area and the Job Tips area.

Job Search:

The Job Search area allows students to get up to date with job opportunities in regions around the world. It has been designed to cover regions around the world, particularly in areas where our students are present. So there should be no problem finding an opportunity closest to you, wherever you are.

Job Tips:

The Job Tips area is aimed to provide students with guidance and information in a number of areas to help them throughout their careers. For example, we have articles and guides for job interview tips, ways to impress your boss and many more. It is aimed to make our students who use it feel confident and go through the career process with useful tools.

So now with the Career Support platform you can use either get guidance by using the Job Tips page, then look for a job opportunity using the Job Search or vice versa. However, using it in whatever way you are most comfortable is what we encourage at CTH.
This update will be launched on Monday 7 th November 2016, however, to visit the Members Site today you can click this button: Go to CTH Members