The Exciting Life of a CTH Student

24th August 2017

The life of a CTH student can be an interesting, challenging but an ultimately exciting proposition. Read this article and see how the life of a CTH student ideally plays out.

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Becoming a CTH student typically starts with an ambitious individual hoping to get into the tourism, hospitality or culinary industry.

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One day, by searching online, walking down the street, at a industry fare or talking to someone, they find out about the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality.


Once they find out about the Confederation, they find out about our CTH qualifications and depending on the individuals prior experience and ambitions they then decide what qualifications they want to take.


Once the've decided, they then enrol on the CTH programme at a CTH Approved Centre within their region.


Their application is processed and then it finally happens; the individual becomes a CTH student.


The CTH student begins their journey at a new school, with new teachers, meeting new people.


During the day, they go to class, gain industry experience, make friends and enjoy life.


During the evening, they log onto the CTH Members site, revise, work hard and enjoy life.


The CTH student works hard to complete their assignments, prepare for the exam season, take the exams and then proceeds to wait for their results


The next few months consists of the CTH student patiently waiting for results, meeting up with friends, enjoying life and then impatiently waiting for their results (x100 or so)


Whilst waiting the CTH student also has to make a few big decisions. They can decide to move up the levels and gain more experience under CTH; they can seek out one of our University Pathways if possible; or they can use the experience they've gained to look for a job using the Job Search on the Members site.

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After the waiting process, the results are in; merits and distinctions! Great job. Now the CTH student can start their journey with the limitless options at their disposal.


The life of a CTH student can be an interesting, challenging but an ultimately exciting proposition, here at CTH we're here to guide you through it all to help you achieve the best experience possible.