Five ways to survive a second lockdown

12th November 2020
An upset young boy sitting indoors by a window, watching the rain

Are you feeling worried at the thought of a second lockdown? We have got these tips to help you get through it:

  1. Help yourself and others – Search the self-referral numbers in your area, which allows anyone shielding to ask for help. Mental health should be taken seriously. Tell others about self-referral options. Help them do it. Think of the people who may not know about it or be up to speed with tech
  2. Stay active - Walk indoors and be active, perhaps even more than you have before! Aim for at least 5000 steps daily besides doing house chores. Or if you can go outdoors, dedicate 1 hour to walk to the park every day. You can include yoga, planks, skipping, on-the-spot-jogging, climbing stairs as exercise. Exercising releases endorphins and help in getting better sleep, which is especially important amidst a disrupted routine.
  3. Do virtual adventures – Staying at home means you can have multiple digital vacations! You can undertake a virtual trek or underwater dive in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, learning about endemic wildlife, or visit Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology, home to Aztec calendar stones and the jade death mask of Mayan king Pakal the Great, and the Louvre art gallery in Paris. This will get you prepared for one day when you might even go in person!
  4. Read – From your favourite books to travel books to set you up in the mood, reading will make the time fly and enjoy a nice time in the comfort of your house. Also try a book that you would not usually read, sometimes they surprise you!
  5. Watch a film and get inspired to travel - As it happens with books, films take you to faraway lands, and it is a good way to spend a day in and then talk about your favourite bits with your friends and family.

At CTH we are confident that in the next few months, things will start to feel more normal. Our beloved Tourism and Hospitality industry will be thriving again, so please keep safe and keep going!