Inside CTH: Read About What Kind of Week Some of CTH Team Had

15th September 2016

As you know, at CTH we love two things; keeping our CTH Family up-to-date with the things we’re doing; and always improving to provide the best service. That’s why last week was…training week!


Over the week our team were split into groups in order to learn and improve in different areas.

Quartz Training

Quartz is a management and administrative programme that we use over at CTH for several things; whether that is helping us manage our contacts, to the production of our certificates. In order to use the programme to its 100% efficiency, CTH scheduled a training session. Notable attendees were some members from our admin and marketing team. The session lasted for the majority of the day as we ran through some of the basics of the programme as well as some of its new features. One of our team members had this to said:

The training session was good, it was interesting to revisit some of the things i knew and learn about the different ways we can use the programme to manage our contacts in different, more effective ways.

I guess that was a success then, hopefully they'll all be ready for the next session

Exam & Assessment Training

Later on in the week our academic team were also kept busy. Being trained by one of the best in the UK, Alpha Plus, they were learning how to improve the processes for our CTH exams and assessments. This involved learning a whole new process, so they had to be on the ball. A lot of work was required but we have a super team who are always ready to step up.

Getting better is something we love doing, so these training sessions are the first of many.

Enjoyed that? Well, look out for the next addition of Inside CTH